EXCLUSIVE: Interview – Get Up Close And Personal With Drag Race Thailand’s Meannie Minaj (Meantra)

The Drag Race world continues to break new and higher ground since the show’s move to VH1. Snatching more awards and accolades, expansion of reach – with WOW Plus, a premium streaming service by World of Wonder – and licensing deals worldwide. Drag Race Thailand, Thailand’s version of the show, is set to premiere this month, is already making waves in social media with the introduction of its’ host, Art-Arya, and co-host, Pangina Heals, and ten promising cast members (Amadiva, Annee Maywong, B. Ella, Bunny Be Fly Dearis Doll, JAJA, Meannie Minaj, Morrigan, and Natalia and Petchra) vying for the title of “Thailand’s Next Drag Drag Superstar“.

Uhmazing Press recently corresponded with the wonderful Meannie Minaj, real name Meantra Mananya Phuengmai, to talk about her drag, aspirations, and the show. We’re blown away by the twenty-six year-old’s candidness and wit. She’s transgender woman, a very gracious and personable Queen, … has a good sense of humor and a bit of a tear-jerker. Although our first exchange with her was brief, it’s very informative and moving. Get your tissues ready, you’ll need it after reading this. You can’t help but root for her.


 UhmazingPress: How did you come up with your drag name?

Meannie Minaj: “My drag name!!! My name is Meantra and I’m the “Nicki Minaj of Thailand,” but then I think Nicki Minaj is my signature so I keep “Minaj” with my name. But “Meantra Minaj” doesn’t rhyme so Meannie Minaj is better.”

Uhmazing Press: How would you describe your style of drag?

Meannie Minaj: “My drag style!!! Normally on my show I only impersonate Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. And sometimes I do my own style but mostly I’m impersonator. My make up and hair match whom I impersonate. And when I’m not impersonating my style is natural beauty.”

UhmazingDrag: How long have you been doing drag?

Meannie Minaj: Three years. But at first I was a showgirl.

UhmazingDrag: How did you start doing drag?

Meannie Minaj: “I received an invitation from Pangina Heals, our [ Drag Race Thailand ] co-host. And when I was working as a showgirl they only needed beautiful Chinese style – white skin, small body and small face!! But I’m not, so I can only be a dancer. Drag allowed me to do everything. I can be whatever I want to be, and i can do whatever I want.  #ilovedrag”


UhmazingDrag: Do you have any drag idol you look up to or drag inspiration?

Meannie Minaj: “First is Pangina Heals. And after seeing more about Drag [Race] I really love Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race ‘coz  she looks like Beyoncé and I love Beyoncé.”

UhmazingDrag: What does winning Drag Race Thailand mean to you?

Meannie Minaj: “Win or not is not important for me. I just wanna show everyone you can be whatever you want. I’m trans, and I can be a drag queen (I mean one day I wanna be girl real girl!! But now not  haahh). But if I win this competition, it’s going to be beyond my dream. And everyone will know me more so I can get more money and make my family better than now.”

UhmazingDrag: What is your message or what advice do you have to the world?

Meannie Minaj: “Everyone, you can be whatever you want!!! And don’t forget to root for me hahahah #TeamMeannie #TeamMinaj #TeamMeantra I love you all guys. Thank you so much.”

UhmazingDrag: Where can your fans watch you perform live?

Meannie Minaj:  “You can meet me in Bangkok, Thailand. I have a show every Sunday at Maggie Choo’s Sunday Gay Night at Novotel Silom Hotel. Every Thursday at CÉ LA VI Bangkok on Sathorn Square Tower 39th floor. And every Monday and Friday at The Stranger Bar at 114/14 Silom 4 BangRak

UhmazingDrag: That’s it. Perfect! Thank you so much for your time. And good luck with the show.

Meannie Minaj:  “Thank you  so much. This is all of me. And sorry for my English. I try to answer all by myself.”


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Drag Race Thailand Season One premieres February 15 only on LINE TV.


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