SPOILER: Drag Race Thailand Burned Rubber On Its Debut Episode


The race for Thailand’s Next Drag Superstar is officially on! With its pedal to the metal, Drag Race Thailand season one kicked off with a Three In One Look Maxi Challenge.

Année Maywong won the challenge with her wrap around fabric, white long sleeve and black pants, and bright lime fringe dress. She did a little bit of dance routine which added to the flare of her third look.


Dearis Doll came out pushing a big chest-high box. No, Shangela didn’t popped out of the box – though, I think that would’ve been hilarious. Her first look was a long dress that screamed “country girl going to the fair.” Her second look was like a Princess pageant dress – black top and puffy pink skirt – with matching tiara. She unfolded the skirt to reveal a full gown. Basically the first look is the mother, second is the daughter, and the third is the mistress. What about the box? She went behind the box on her third look and when she turned around, she was in the box. She’s a life-size doll ready for shipment.

Natalia Pliacam came out in an oversize dark bell dress with wide sleeves and huge flowers attached to the lapel. She took it off to reveal a layered dark gray plastic skirt and a bedazzled top adorned with huge ruffled petals. Although both look good, no third?

Meannie Minaj came out wearing a multi-colored plastic dress and big puffy white hair. She spun around to reveal a long flowy dress with a full-length blue fabric attached across her chest down to her right hip. She peeled the flowy skirt to reveal a mini-skirt and, still, with the blue fabric.

B Ella came out with a cut-out dress and hand bag. Her second look is a plain knee-high black dress and wide belt. She was tugging two white straps attached to her side. I suppose she didn’t use velcro. She unfolded the black dress to reveal a full-length sequined gown and tiara.

Amadiva came out in a full-body cover with tassels that resembles a cabinet – a fancy Cogsworth? She walked out of it to reveal a secretary look – shorts, white top, jacket and a bow tie. Maybe not secretary, could be restaurant host or magician’s assistant? Her third look was a lovely vibrant ensemble similar to Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

Morrigan’s first look was a simple bride half-gown. She was clutching a bouquet of flowers and a spare attached to her bust. She removed the white fabric tied around her waist to reveal a layered silky dress. Then she removed the layers of fabric to reveal a strapless fitted sequined dress. She had long brunette hair for all three looks.

Jaja was first wearing a long sleeve top and corset that flared at the hips, and she had a folded petal over her shoulder enclosing her head, and a ball gag in her mouth. She unfolded the petal turning it into a mini-cape. Then she pushed the cape down to her hips turning it into a skirt. Where’s Tyra Sanchez, has see seen this?

Bunny Be Fly was cloaked in black chiffon covering with matching head piece. Her white-painted face in high contrast reminds me of No-Face in Spirited Away. She removed the cape to reveal a baggy shimmery fabric looped on each side. She unfolded the blob to reveal a colorful corset and drapery.

Petchara wore a cute polkadot dress and big red bow and tied around her hips. She had black hair tied with red fabric. She was carrying a red pot which she later tossed to the side of the runway. She took of the dress to reveal a nice dress with flower pattern. She then took off the dress to reveal a pretty black leotard adorned with feathers.


The panel of judges includes (L-R) Apichet Madaew Atilattana, Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4, Pangina Heals, show host, Art Arya In-Dra, show host, Tuesanit and Madame Mod. Unlike Drag Race, the judges sit on tall bar stools. So viewers can also soak in their fabulous look. Art Arya is wearing a fabulous custom-made dress and dragon high heels, it’s motif is reminiscent of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 episode 9 black dress with red silk origami-like appliqués. Pangina Heels is wearing a cup and noodle to celebrate Chinese New Year. So no, it is not a throwback to “Beauty and the Beast” dishes and tea sets. Madame Mod slayed the panel’s look with her cultural red dress with matching intricate head dress.

Anneé Maywong won the main challenge. Meannie Minaj and Morrigan end up in the bottom two and had to lip sync for their life. The former is the first queen eliminated. Now we’re down to nine.

Entrance look.

Morrigan won the mini-challenge (see last photo below).

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Drag Race Thailand will return next Thursday with an all new episode on LINE TV.



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