EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the Fabulous Année Maywong of Drag Race Thailand

Uhmazing Press is very honored to chat with Thainisorn Hengsuwan. The thirty-one year-old is currently competing for the title “Thailand’s Next Drag Superstar.” Known in the drag community as Année Maywong, the veteran drag professional is an accomplished competitive dancer and drag entertainer.  Fresh off a win on Drag Race Thailand’s Maxi Challenge in it’s debut episode, we talked about many things drag.


UhmazingPress: Tell us about your drag name.

Année Maywong: “My name is Année Maywong. ‘Année’ is the word from French meaning ‘New Years.’ Same as my Thai name, ‘Pemyii’, which has the same meaning.”

UhmazingPress: That’s very neat. How would you describe your drag?

Année Maywong: “For my drag style, I want to look good all the time. I like my drag to look very expensive, excellent, luxurious and gorgeous.”

UhmazingDrag: And it shows. Awesome. How long have you been doing drag?

Année Maywong: “I started doing drag when I was only sixteen years old. Now I’m thirty-one years old.”

UhmazingDrag: Wow, fifteen years. That’s an amazing track record. How did you start doing drag?

Année Maywong: “I love Latin America dance contests. I’ve competed in dance contests since I was ten years old. But I like the female style, so I try to do it and learn to perform the role of the lady ❤️.”

UhmazingDrag: That explains the very graceful dance routine you did on the main stage on the first episode. It was lovely. Do you have any drag inspiration?

Année Maywong: “For my drag inspiration, I love Valentina, she is so beautiful. She look so good as a Latina. I love her so much.”

UhmazingDrag: Yes, she is. What are your thoughts about Drag Race Thailand?


Année Maywong: “I’ll do everything to win Drag Race Thailand, because I think everything about it and the opportunities that comes with it are very important to me. So I’m doing my best to win it. Also, I love Drag Race Thailand, and I love my drag family. To me, we’re one big drag family with one mother, Mama Ru, I love her ????.”

UhmazingDrag: What is your advice to the world?

Année Maywong: “I learned from all my mistakes. It’s so important to understand and learn from our troubles, to do good and make things better in the future. Be happy. Show kindness to people. And treat people as you like to be treated, with dignity and respect.”

UhmazingDrag: Fantastic. And finally, where can your fans watch you perform live?

Année Maywong: “I’m performer at DJ Station Silom Soi 2 BKK,Thailand. I perform there every night, except Sunday. Show time is 11pm. On Sunday, I perform at Maggie Choos under Novotel Silom.”

UhmazingDrag: That’s it. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and follow-up questions. And condragulations for winning the first Maxi Challenges on Drag Race Thailand. Best of luck!

Année Maywong: Thank you ka ❤️


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