EXCLUSIVE: Q&A With Dearis Doll of Drag Race Thailand


We’ve very delighted to highlight one of Drag Race Thailand’s very interesting, and albeit animated, cast member, the thirty year old Supattarapon Kasikam, popularly known by her drag name Dearis Doll.

She first walked into Drag Race Thailand’s Werk Room with a great intro, “Watch out bitches ‘cuz Dearis Doll is in the house!“, spoken like a verse in a hip-hop music complete with matching choreographed poses! Talking about catchphrases, she came well prepared for the branding gig. She continues, “Hi! Dearis Doll, I’m 30 years old, from Nakhom Pathom! I’m currently working as a shrimp farmer and a freelance singer. ” When asked to describe Dearis Doll, she says, “[ Dearis Doll ] is a sexy drag queen… sweet, naughty, slayer, flawless, fishy – the term in drag means looking like a real woman -, fierce, … eehh uhhh eehh uhhh … and also crazy (high-pitched laugh).” So much energy, great attitude and infectious laughter, you can’t help but like her … and laugh with her, even if you do not understand Thai.


She’s in fact one of the most stunning and well put-together Queens in the cast. bluebay700’s Uhmazing Press was lucky enough to have a quick chat with her – both at the mercy of Translator technology – to get to know her a little bit more.

UhmazingDrag:  How did you got your drag name?
Dearis Doll: “I got my drag name from my real nickname, ‘Dear.’ So one day I read a newspaper article that talked about a little girl whose name is ‘Dearis‘ who disappeared. So I started to use her name and be reborn. And ‘Doll’ come from a doll because I like to play a doll.”

UhmazingDrag:  Describe your drag style?
Dearis Doll: “My drag style is like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, but like mini super star.”

UhmazingDrag:  How long have you been doing drag?
Dearis Doll: “I have been doing drag for 7 years.”


UhmazingDrag:  How did you start out drag?
Dearis Doll: “I started out drag by chance. I was a singer and another seasoned performer who dress up as a drag wasn’t there so I have to fill in for her.”

UhmazingDrag:  Who is your drag idol or inspiration?
Dearis Doll: “My drag icons are RuPaul, Trixie Mattel, Bob The Drag Queen, Nina Bo’Nina Brown, Derrick Barry… Oh I have many drag queen that I like.”

UhmazingDrag:  Where can your fans see you perform?
Dearis Doll: “You guys can come to visit me at Maggie Choo’s Novotel Silom (Bangkok, Thailand) every Sunday.”

UhmazingDrag:  Awesome! Thank you! And good luck with Drag Race Thailand and your future endeavors!
Dearis Doll: “Thank you so much.”

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You can catch Drag Race Thailand every Thursday on LINE TV, or on OutTV, WOWPlus where available.


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