Drag Race Thailand Episode Two Is All About Love But Someone Has To Go

Now that the buzz and hype is over, Drag Race Thailand rolls onto its’ second episode in the shadows of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 cast reveal. Granting that the show is local to Thailand, but it’s safe to say that much of the buzz is coming from Drag Race fandom, particularly the West. So when Drag Race lifted the veil on the new cast, all eyes, ears and thumbs were on it — we’re guilty as charge! RuPaul’s Drag Race is the equivalent of Apple’s PR of teasers in the reality TV show world, everything is gag worthy and exciting!


Meanwhile, back in Thailand, with the elimination of Meanie Minaj, the remaining girls were pitted at each other once more with the new Maxi Challenge “Marry Yourself” – where the contestants pose as both bride and groom à la “Here Comes the Bride” episode of Drag Race Season 2 – and a runway look theme of “Power of Love”. The panel of judges included host Art-Arya and co-host Pangina Heals, and were joined by Marsha Vadhanapanich, a renowned local actress and musician, and Sira MaNdonna, a renowned veteran drag entertainer.

Amadiva won the runway presentation in her flamingo themed look and a dramatic performance capitalizing on her theater background. Congrats Amadiva! Natalia Pliacam won the Maxi Challenge with her fabulous blood red traditional Thai costume (if I’m not mistaken, though I don’t think a fedora is “traditional” so let’s call it, semi-traditional). Année Maywong also had high marks, while Dearis Doll, JAJA and Morrigan were declared safe, and B Ella was third from the bottom.

Petchra and Bunny Be Fly landed in the the bottom two and had to lip sync for their life to remain in the competition. Bunny Be Fly end up sashaying away.



(Runway presentation) dragraceth1-2-group (Backstage the contestants pose with guest judge Sira MaNdonna. L-R: Natalia, Petchra, Dearis Doll, Année Maywong, Sira MaNdonna, B Ella, Amadiva, Morrigan and Bunny Be Fly) dragraceth1-2-natalia (Natalia Pliacam) dragraceth1-2-bunny (Bunny Be Fly) dragraceth1-2-dearisdoll (Dearis Doll) dragraceth1-2-jaja (JAJA) dragraceth1-2-morrigan (Morrigan) dragraceth1-2-petchara (Petchra Petchii) dragraceth1-2-amadiva (Amadiva) dragraceth1-2-anny (Année Maywong) dragraceth1-2-b-ella (B Ella Biggie)

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Drag Race Thailand returns this Thursday – with some puppets! – with an all new episode on LINE TV.


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