SPOILER ALERT: Handmaids to Kitty Girls, The Drag Race All Stars Season 3 Episode That Shook Cyberspace

What this is not is a recap or an analysis of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 3 episode 6 “Handmaids to Kitty Girls“. What this is is an outpouring of emotion, opinion about the episode … emoting, if you will, about what just transpired.


BenDeLaCreme left the competition, as per rumors swirling around social media – I kind of hate that. Who are leaking these information? Does the show need a tighter contract among its’ staff, crews and cast or what? Or is the “rumor” part of the whole PR strategy? In any case … it’s not nice – for a while. Another rumor says that BeBe Zahara Benet is a “mole” who will help RuPaul decide later who will win in the finale but she won’t win herself or win any challenges. Well, guess what? She won the lip sync for your legacy in episode five. I was relieved by that. In part because I was rooting for BeBe and BenDeLa to make it to the finals, because they’ve been doing great in the competition.


After the confrontation with Morgan McMichaels in the Werk Room, after being brought back into the competition along with Chi Chi Devayne, Milk, Aja and Thorgy Thor for the challenge, she got really bothered. The confessionals and her conversations with the other Queens in the run up to the main stage performance, it was like, the signs were written on the wall. It reminds me of the episode when Willam Belli was about to be eliminated, it’s like she’s facing death. At that point I was still hoping she won’t leave the competition – as per rumors. But then … she did. Be it pre-conceived storyline by the producers or not … my immediate thought was … “quitter.” She joins the club with Shannel, when she quit RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1, and Adore Delano, when she quit All Stars 2. I also felt she squandered an opportunity that other queens could have taken, who are willing to go all the way. It is not like this is her first time, she’s a veteran, she knows the rules and she knows what she signed up for. If she didn’t need the crown because she just want to showcase her craft, she can do that in her one-woman shows, which are fantastic. She didn’t need to come back. She said, “make your own rules.” It’s “RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race” it’s not “BenDeLaCreme’s All Stars Drag Race” so that reasoning is lame. But then she did… and she throw that away that opportunity. What’s worst, unlike Adore who manage to bow out early in the competition… she was so close to the finals. Like, I honestly believe she had a BIG chance of winning this season. I was rooting for her and Bebe for top 2! (Insert Tyra “rooting” moment). Which every way they will paint this, she quits… and that’s the tee. “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent”… in this case, she’s a “C.U.T.”.  BUT on the flip side, this could’ve possibly be all planned out from the get go. The producers cast her to do this very stunt … and I would say, that’s probably the case. Like, did anyone noticed how Bebe didn’t perform as much in the lip sync? She was like giving it 80% – just throwing her arms in the air, spinning a little, and mostly stood in one spot … she almost never do this. I’ve seen her perform many times live, and she was server only a little energy. As if they were staging BenDeLa to win … she was performing like she’s really pissed (in a good way) … lots of energy. So it was obvious to see the difference in their performance. But I digress …


In the end, premeditated or not, it was a great show. Even the rumors didn’t stand a chance when the sh*t really hit the roof. Everyone was gagged. I know I was.

Now this … Volture magazine asked the question, “Can a reality competition show about drag queens jump the shark?” Answer: Absolutely not. Why? It’s not serious. It mocks pop culture. Where the staple of other reality TV competition shows are “bad behaviour#DragRace are “GAG moments” like episode six.

“This is an extremely tough episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, not because the result is particularly devastating or because of an emotional reveal about a queen’s inner life or because Vanessa Hudgens speaks and the gay community winces. It’s tough because it makes us doubt whether or not the All Stars format is really working. And so, we ask the following question out of genuine stupefaction: Can a reality competition show about drag queens jump the shark? Perhaps years from now, our queer historian-androids may look back on this episode and proffer it as evidence to say, “Yes it can, darling.””–  and /Voluture

Lastly, I have nothing against BenDeLaCreme … I don’t know her personally. It’s just a show … and this is just a reaction, nothing personal.


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