Jiggly Caliente Brooks’ “Fck Boi” Single Is Not Your Run-of-The Mill Drag Race Byproduct


I must admit, every time I hear a Drag Race alumni produce a single I kind of tune out because I’m tired of the “comedy” or “spoof” genre. Yes, they’re funny. But how many funny songs ever made it to #1 in the billboard charts or sold lots of units, not so much. With Drag Race, there are only a handful of Queens who produced really good “serious” music … Adore Delano, Jinx Monsoon, Bebe Zahara Benet, Phi Phi O’Hara, Courtney Act with her “Welcome to Disgraceland” single, Manila Luzon with her breakthrough “Hot Couture” single, or Detox with her amazing “Supersonic” single, to name a few, while the rest are good for a few laughs or only good to listening from your headphone. Some of the songs you can’t blast on speakers at home while on a holiday. Personally, I don’t think I will want to invest on that. It’s like, if they want people to take their music seriously, maybe produce a “serious” one? Just a thought.

Which brings me to Jiggly Caliente Brooks, the plus size Barbie of New York City and star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4. She recently dropped her new single titled “Fck Boi“. I read her tweet about the single and accompanying music video. And I’m like, “Oh no, here we go again. Not so subtle.” I hesitated to listen to it for a day. I read billboard‘s excerpt about it, which was a good sign. So I went ahead and check.

“Jiggly talked to Billboard about Filipino representation in media, coming out as trans and ditching her television persona: “I want to make sure that my fans get the 100 percent real me, instead a produced version of me that was made for TV.” “– Billboard


Honestly, I’m impressed. It’s not filthy, it sound explicit but it’s not crude. The song is well produced, it’s catchy, and … damn … she sings really well – auto-tuned or no auto-tuned. Them Drag Race challenges really schooled the Queens for their future gigs. As well, her accompanying music video is also well produced. The set is great, pretty good choreography (no jump splits but it’s good) and there’s actually a story … she’s serving 100% geisha realness. And no one is showing breasts, ass, or balls … it’s classy. Yes kids, you can be sensual and still show some class. I’m looking forward to buy and hear the whole album.

Fck Boi” is a cut from her upcoming album “THOT Proces”  due March 9th.

Kudos Jiggly!


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