Drag Race Thailand Episode Three Turned Superstitious With Some Friendly Severe Swearing


For the third episode of Drag Race Thailand debut season, the eight remaining contestants (Amadiva, Dearis Doll, B Ella, Natalia, Petchra, , and Morrigan) face more difficult challenges.

Mini Challenge

For the Mini Challenge, called #MyFuckingFairyTale (yes, that’s exactly what they called it), the queens were asked to come up with a fairy tale story about themselves using zhuzhed up puppet animals. Puppets where hung around the waist of one pit crew and starting with Amadiva, who had first pick privilege for winning the Maxi Challenge the previous week, and followed by a frantic scramble by the remaining contestants. The pit crew’s shorts was slipping off from the frantic hand grab. And for additional materials, each contestant was provided with a box containing fabric and other materials. Additional materials were also laid out on a table and were up for grabs. Amadiva again had first dibs, and the rest? As soon as Art Arya, host of the show, gave the go signal… well, they all crashed onto the table and shelving. To which Art Arya said, “what happened to our girls? Those were all men.” Pangina Heals, the show’s co-host, chimed in, “it was like a bunch of catfish chasing after a piece of bread that was thrown into the pond.”


The puppets they choose were: Morrigan a monkey, Petchra a frog or prostitute, Amadiva a chicken, and JAJA an albino crocodile, Natalia a pig, Année Maywong a pretty pig, B Ella an orphan elephant, and Dearis Doll a king lion. Natalia, B Ella, and Dearis Doll had well thought out stories and their delivery was good, but the rest were either boring or incomprehensible. B Ella’s fairy tale was about seeking carnal pleasure using the elephant’s trunk and banana (or sugarcane stick) as a graphic metaphors of gay sex in the junlge. Dearis Doll’s fairy tale was about a quest by the king lion to become the fairest of the land. The lion asks its magic mirror, “who’s the fairest of them all?” To which it replied it’s JAJA, and the only way for it to become the fairest is to kill him. And to do so, it must first disguise itself – Dearis Doll revealed another more flashy puppet – and then throw earrings at JAJA. Dearis Doll won the mini challenge.

Maxi Challenge

For the Maxi Challenge, it’s the good ol’curtains couture challenge, ala Drag Race Season 2, called #CourtainToCouture. The contestants took turns picking up to three curtains for them to use in constructing a couture evening gown. Dearis Doll got first dibs for wining the Mini Challenge. Then she was asked to select the next contestant to pick the curtains, and son on. JAJA was one of three remaining contestants to pick the curtains. She choose Morrigan instead Amadiva, whom she’s bonded in the competition. This made Amadiva upset, but she justified that since Morrigan is the weakest of all the remaining contestants so it was fair to give her that chance. And in the interview, Année Maywong agreed, and argued that since Amadiva already had first dibs for winning last week, it’s alright for her to pick last this time.DragRaceTH1.3-Anee

Année Maywong won the Maxi Challenge with her elaborate multi-print/textured gown.

DragRaceTH1.3-JAJA JAJA was second, and got praised for her creativity by incorporating a cup holder onto the skirt and the dramatic effect of her curtain umbrella.   DragRaceTH1.3-Amadiva Amadiva’s custom kimono was praised but it was not good enough, she was declared safe. DragRaceTH1.3-Natalia Natalia’s use of the curtain rings got praised but she got read for recycling her corset. She was declared safe. DragRaceTH1.3-Petchra Petchra’s clever flower cutout got praised but her use of the corset as a top and overall style didn’t get praised. She was declared safe. DragRaceTH1.3-BElla B Ella’s wrap around skirt and simple corset didn’t fly with the judges. She landed in the bottom three. DragRaceTH1.3-DearisDoll Dearis Doll’s gown was declared too simple. She fell in the bottom two. DragRaceTH1.3-Morrigan Morrigan’s outfit was also declared too simple, and she landed in the bottom two.

Bottom Two Lip-sync

Dearis Doll and Morrigan had to lip-sych for their to remain in the competition. During the lip-sync, Dearis Doll’s high heels got stuck with her gown. She was on the floor struggling to get out of it, all the while mouthing the words of the song. Once she freed herself, her gown started slipping. She wiggled out of it at the top of the runway, and with B Ella’s stealth coaching, she did a cartwheel, and went in full force. Morrigan was doing her best, but it was not enough to save her to remain in the competition. Art Arya declared Dearis Doll safe. While Morrigan was saying goodbye to the other contestants at the top of the runway, Pangina Heals called out to her and said, “Happy birthday, Morrigan!” And everyone did an impromptu “happy birthday” song. Morrigan was shocked, as she forgot it was her birthday. Art Arya and Pangina Heals walked off the judges’ platform to console Morrigan, who was by then reduced to tears.

By this time the remaining contestants had plenty of time to assess their competition. And they’re unanimous at picking Année Maywong and Natalia as the top two contestants, with the latter confessing that Natalia is much more meticulous when it comes to detail and process compared to her.

Very superstitious, wash your face and hands

However, the real meat of the show are the interviews and the savage reads by the contestants with each other. Also, the show took a superstitious turn. The contestants reckon that all the contestants sitting to the right of Année Maywong’s station has been eliminated – Meanie Minaj and Bunny Be Fly. This got B Ella spooked! So on elimination day she moved to another station. This repositioned Dearis Doll to the left of Année Maywong. Well, guess what, she end up in the bottom two and barely made it out alive! Is there any truth to it or coincidence?

Dearis Doll’s Savage Reads

The reads are severe! I reckon they don’t have strict broadcasting regulations in Thailand like those from the FCC in the USA. So there’s a lot of unfiltered swearing. Dearis Doll is by far the most colorful queen when it comes to reading, it makes Bianca Del Rio look like a nun.

Here’s a soft read, Dearis Doll’s remarks about Bunny Be Fly’s lipstick message on the mirror after her elimination, paraphrasing, “Is that her face (she drew on the mirror)? I can’t believe it, her mirror message was prettier than her own makeup.


Here’s a moderate read, Dearis Doll’s remarks during the mini challenge when B Ella mistakenly pulled out a sugarcane stick instead of a banana (as a euphemism for penis) in her story, she said, “Bitch, did you get any sleep last night? That was on purpose, right?

And when B Ella crashed on her at the crafts table when the contestants scrambled for materials during the mini challenge, “B Ella, you’re the size of a buffalo and you stepped on my foot!

When the soft-spoken Morrigan was telling her fairy tale story in the mini challenge, Dearis Doll said, “Two ants fucking would be louder than you, sweetie.”

And when JAJA was flirting with the pit crew’s crotch during the mini challenge, Dearis Doll’s severe read goes, “Jaja loves playing around with a guy’s crotch. It’s really no surprise because her face looks like a pubic lice.

Of course, it’s not just her, the other queens too don’t hold back. As they walk into the Werk Room, after picking their fabrics, Amadiva was furious at JAJA for picking Morrigan instead of her. She lashed out on her friend JAJA, saying in English, “JAJA I have to hate you! You fucking choose her first! I hate you! Because you didn’t choose me, you’re fucking nasty.”

Année Maywong chimed in, justifying JAJA’s choice. Amadiva in turned said, “Année Maywong, you fucking cunt.” And I don’t think it’s the “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent” version. lol.

To the West, it may come across as mean spirited. But this is normal talk in Asia, it’s a cultural thing. There’s a certain primal satisfaction when you’re able to lash out, get your emotions out and be done with it, and not being ostracized for swearing … hard. Some of the things they say could get you suspended on Facebook or Instagram (but not on Twitter) … fortunately, Thailand is more lax when it comes to censorship.

I can’t wait for their one-on-one interview next episode!

New episode of Drag Race Thailand airs every Thursday 8:00pm on LINE TV.
And OutTv and WOWPlus where available.


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