EXCLUSIVE: Interview With The Fabulous Petchra Petchii of Drag Race Thailand

DragRaceTH1Drag Race Thailand debut season is like an eye-opener for world viewers. It’s a peek at the drag community in Thailand and Thailand’s culture as a whole. Much like RuPaul’s Drag Race in the USA, the show invites celebrity guest judges coming form the fashion, arts, drag and entertainment industry, and other prominent local figures, and therefore also introducing them to the world. The dynamic between the cast, host and co-host, and judges is very interesting to watch. Specifically, there’s no apparent political correctness in Thailand like that of the West. They don’t sugar coat critiques, they tell it like it is. Swearing, crass remarks and dirty jokes without censorship are common occurrence but they’re entertaining to watch and not at all offensive. They don’t feel offended easily, and usually reciprocates with a witty comeback. These shady and talented cast will make you laugh out loud in each episode.


As the competition progresses, the more polished and crafty contestants start to emerge. Out of ten contestants (Dearis Doll, Natalie Piarcam, Omadiva, Bunny Be Fly, Annèe Maywong, Petchra Petchii, Minnie Minaj, Jaja, Morrigan Xaster and B Ella Biggie) only seven remained and one is about to leave; three were already eliminated in the first three episodes (Meannie Minaj, Bunny Be Fly and Morrigan). Rank of the remaining contestants as of this writing are as follows: Année Maywong, Amadiva, JAJA, Natalia Pliacam, Dearis Doll, B Ella and Petchra. Annèe Maywong and Natalia Pliacam were assessed by the cast as the top two on the third episode. Amadiva, who goes for unconventional direction in her costumes, may go far … that is if her nerves won’t get the best of him first. Dearis Doll is the shadiest Queen of the bunch … that’s a good currency in this reality TV competition (historically speaking), will it be the same in Thailand? She’s one of the best makeup artist of the bunch along with Annèe Maywong and Petchra Petchii. Rankings can still change in the next six episodes before the finale.


And to continue our effort to get to know the cast better, Uhmazing Press was fortunate enough to correspond with Panupong Jalruensuk, also known by his drag persona as Petchra Petchii. I have to underscore that due to our language barrier, we’re very grateful for the cast for taking the time to actually respond in English. Petchra made her debut entrance in the Werk Room wearing a champagne colored long sleeve mini sequined dress with a plunging neckline. She wore big round earrings and big blonde hair. Her makeup is very polished compared to the rest of the contestants. Natalia remarked in her interview that “Petchra’s mug looks so much like an American drag queen.” She walked up to the opened doorway and said, “Hello!” The 30 year old from Rayoung described her drag persona as, “seems like a nice girl on the outside but maybe she’s not as nice on the inside.” She’s poised and is somewhat reserved, but she’s a fierce competitor.


UhmazingPress: Hello Petchra! Congrats on getting cast on Drag Race Thailand!
Petchra: “Thank you so much.”

UhmazingPress: Would you mind sharing with us how you come up with your drag name?
Petchra: “I got my name from the [event] organizer because I look like a real Thai person.”

UhmazingPress: Cool. How would you describe your drag style?
Petchra: “Retro is my style.”

UhmazingPress: That’s fabulous. So how long have you been doing drag?
Petchra: “I’ve been working in the drag industry for about 7 years.”

UhmazingPress: Do you have any drag idol or idols of whom you draw inspiration from?
Petchra: “My idol is Petchara Chawarat and Marilyn Monroe in their very own way.”

“Petchara Chaowarat is a Thai film actress who starred in around 300 films from 1961 to 1979. An icon of the “Golden Age” of Thai cinema, she was known for her round, pool-like eyes and elaborate hairstyles.”-Wikipedia


UhmazingPress: What does winning Drag Race Thailand mean to you?
Petchra: “Drag Race Thailand is a program that will let more Thai people know about drag industry as well as improving the acceptance of the industry in this country.”

UhmazingPress: What is your message to the world?
Petchra: “Thank you for those who are following the program closely and for supporting our work as well, and for helping make Drag Race Thailand a very meaningful program. And through this program I would like the audiences to know more about drag queens.”


UhmazingPress: Where can your fans find out where you perform?
Petchra: “To follow my work, you may follow me through my social media.”

UhmazingPress: Wonderful! Thank you so much and good luck to you.
“Thank you.”


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Follow Petchra on social media:
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