Chance encounter by violinist and ballerina creates magic in the streets of Italy


A young Palestinian ballerina and choreographer, Rima Baransi, was with her family touring in Trieste, Italy when they had a random encounter with violinist Ivo Remenec, who was playing an adaptation of the song “Comptine d’un Autre Eté: l’Après Midi” by French musician and composer Yann Tiersen. Her farther Assad Baransi, who recorded the video, encouraged her saying, “Go on. Do it. Go, start.” She was coy and hesitant at first, and when she finally did … the rest was magic. The chance encounter was captivated onlookers and later swept the internet by storm.

Rima_Baransi(Photo: Rima Baransi)

Their video garnered more than 2 million views in YouTube and more than 6 million views on Instagram.

Ivo-Remenec(Photo: Ivo Remenec)

The ballerina and musician got the attention of Roberto Saviano, an Italian journalist, writer and essayist, and was invited to perform in Italy for YouTube Pulse 2017.


The couple again performed together at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland as part of the Google Conference, Engage17 to an audience of five thousand.

The street encounter’s first-person tight shot, location and rawness really added to the magic of the whole performance. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing to recreate this performance with Thorgy Thor, playing the actual piece, and Katya Zamolodchikova or Laganda Estranja as ballerina?

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