RuPaul Put The Queens On Drag Race Thailand On Hyperdrive

DragRaceTH1.4-maxi-challenge(Runway look, main challenge. L-R: Année Maywong, Petchra, Natalia Pliacam, JAJA, B Ella, Dearis Doll and Amadiva)

As the competitors of Drag Race Thailand dwindle the challenges are getting more … challenging. For this episode, host Art Arya and co-host Pangina Heals are joined by actor, Ananda Eviringham, author and Gucci director, Pattriya Na Nakorn (Miss Vampye), and veteran actress, Sinjai Plengpanich.


For the Mini Challenge, the Queens got an unexpected surprise. Host Art Arya and co-host Pangina Heals gave the floor to RuPaul, who was out of drag, to tell the cast via video on what their mini challenge was all about. The cast were very ecstatic and overwhelmed to see RuPaul on screen and addressing them directly. “Oh my gosh! Mother has arrived! I feel like I need to setup up because Ru is watching,” B Ella said in her interview. “I’m gonna faint. We got a mail from her! I definitely won’t disappoint RuPaul.”, Dearis Doll, feeling very excited. And Annee Maywong, who is currently the competition’s front runner, said, “This is something else. He was talking to us. I feel like I got to show off.”

Earlier, “The Annee Curse” – where the Queens who sits on the right of Annee’s station all got eliminated — was again a topic of discussion. Last week, true to the curse, Morrigan got eliminated. Though Annee noticed none of the other contestants seemed to mind, like “almost as if nothing happened”, said she. Finally, B Ella moved her makeup kit on the Werk Room table to break the curse once and for all.

Mini Challenge

For the Mini Challenge, the contestants where going to work the Red Carpet (Pink Carpet) and make it their own. But there’s a twist, they will compete for the spotlight with two other celebrities, Sabina Meisinger, winner of The Face Season 1, and Grace Boonchompaisarn, winner of The Face Season 3. For one minute, each of the contestants must find a way to outshine Meisinger and Boonchompaisarn, both of whom relentlessly tried blocking them from getting shots.

B Ella’s beautiful curvy gown was made from traditional Thai fabric, she fashioned her hair style to resemble a chada crown. She took control of the women by grabbing them by the waist and locking them to her hips while posing and smiling. The women couldn’t do anything but pose where they stood.


Amadiva was wearing a black pant suit. She had a lot of trouble trying to get in front of the girls so instead she was making dramatic faces behind them. She manage to dodge on to the floor but one of the girls flipped her skirt covering her face.


Année Maywong was wearing a beautiful leopard print gown. She didn’t wrestle with the girls, instead, she move to an open opposite spot. She said, she didn’t “want to was time fighting with them [for a spot], because I know I can’t with that way.” That strategy didn’t last too long. She end up flinging her dress over to the girls and finally maneuvered between them through the front to get a perfect shot.


Natalia Pliacam was wearing a sparkling gown with a thigh high slit on one side. Her strategy was, push them away, literally. “I’m the Queen. This is not ‘The Face’,” she declares.


JAJA was wearing a see through dress with exposed shoulders, she accentuated her booty and wore tilted trophy over her blue hair. She didn’t fight for the front spot, she just posed at the back, saying “it’s a matter of how you recreate the back of the area [sic]. So you can come through even if you’re in the back.” After feeling a little triggered by Boonchompaisarn, she spend the rest of her time making mean crazy faces at her. It was hilarious.


Petchra was wearing a beige backless dress with thigh-high front slit and a faux fur. Her strategy was full contact. “Once a Queen, always a Queen,” she said, which means shoving and elbowing your competition for the front spot. It worked. lol. It was so aggressive, Pangina Heals called out, “someone call the paramedics!”


Finally, Dearis Doll made her entrance. She was wearing a pencil backless black dress with intricate bedazzled pattern. “My reserve persona is all gone,” she declares after being upended by the girls. She dived onto the floor in front of the girls, did cartwheels and jumped all the way to the front, and … it worked!


JAJA won the Pink Carpet mini challenge. Année Maywong also did very well in the challange.

Drag Race Thailand Debut Season Awards

The second part of the Mini Challenge, yes, there’s a second part, is Drag Race Thailand Debut Season Awards. Each of the contestant was tasked at presenting an award to one of the contestant whom they choose to win. Année Maywong presented “Face Confidence, Buldge Confidence, Skull and Coconut Shell Confidence” award. In her speech she said, “her beauty is a 5, her shamelessness is a 10, and her fake daintiness is a 100.” Then gave the award to Dearis Doll, and as she handed the award she said to Dearis, “your seeds of confidence are growing so quickly.” Not to be upstaged, Dearis Doll replied, in her acceptance speech, “I can’t believe it, isn’t she so pretty tonight? She’s wearing a leopard and it matches her because she’s pretty in her animal ways (an insult).” Petchra presented the “Short Legs, Swinging Hips” award and gave it to Année Maywong.

Natalia Pliacam presented “Silicone Nose for Marsha’s Heart” award and gave it to Petchra. JAJA presented the “A War in a Wardrobe” award. As she was walking to the podium, Dearis heckled her, “your gown is dustier than that podium.” JAJA gave the award to B Ella. Not pleased, B Ella said, “I’m sure that my face and dress are prettier than yours.” And in English, she said to Jaja, who was then sitting with the audience, “I’m beautiful, you UGLYY!!” Then Amadiva presented the tardiness award, officially titled, “”Plans At Eight Arrives At Eleven, Plans At Seven Arrives At Nine”. In her opening speech, she said, “this Queen is proof that a real Queen will never come on time. This Queen really need some time to do all her look because really, ugliness can only be accepted (so much).” She then gave the award to JAJA. As Jaja was up on her feet reacting to the award, Dearis, taunted her, “Ha ha ha! She even takes her time receiving her award.” “She’s late for everything,” Amadiva chimed in, “even when she tells a joke, it takes a while for people to laugh.”

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Dearis Doll presented the “Your Dress Is a Highlight But It’s time to Walk Out Of Sight” award. In her speech she said, “Not only her girl drag is a mess, her boy drag is even a bigger mess. Her hair ruins the face. Her face ruins the top. Her top ruins her pants. Her pants ruins her shoes. But her shoes and face are evenly matched.” Savage! She gave the award to Amadiva. “I don’t have any excuses about the way I dress because my mother taught me well,” Amadiva explained. She admits she lacks style and said, “my mother taught me that I should be memorable, so if I can’t stand out for being pretty then I should choose to be the most fucked up. Therefore, I think I’m heading towards the right directions.” B Ella presented “Queen of Pratunam, Phahurat, and Sampheng”, and gave the award to Natalia Pliacam. In her acceptance speech, she said in order to be beautiful, great and rich, they need to sell coffins like her, and end up winning the “Drag Race Debut Season Awards”.

Main Challenge

For the main challenge, it was “Beloved Thai Films”. The contestants where to pick their favorite Thai film and showcase it on stage.

Petchra’s runway character was Mon Ruk Loong with her water buffalo named Chae from the film “Monrak Luk Thung“, countryside romance.


Année choose Krasue, a very popular ghost — who manifests itself as a woman’s head floating around with her innards dangling and eats feces and decaying flesh, and wipes her face with diapers.


Natalia Pliacam was in cheerleader character (being a real cheerleader champion in real life back in her school days) for a film “Cheerleader Queens” — a film about four young men with a flair for drag leave their village to attend a catholic school in Bangkok.



JAJA was channeling Nong Toom, the boxer in “Beautiful Boxer” — a popular biopic about a boxer turned transgender. As she was bouncing, punching and jabbing, and kicking on stage, her breast plates popped out of her top. “Your nipples are showing,” Pangina Heals screamed at her. Eviringham, had seen to much nipples he turned around. Art Arya called onto him, “it’s not over yet.” And finally, as JAJA was about to exit the stage, the breast plate was fully exposed, to which the guest judge said, “stop!”


B Ella was the main character in “The Siam Renaissance“.


Amadiva is Potjaman in the film “Golden Sand House .


And Dearis Doll is the robotic maid in “SOMSRI #442 R“. She was being playful with one of the judges, Ananda. The lights were dimmed to show case the lights from her robotic costume. It was well timed that one of the judges said, “I think she might have a thing with our Lighting Director.”


Overall, all the judges were all very pleased with the runway look and presentation. They earned a lot of good praise, even Art Arya had a few goosebumps, one for JAJA’s and Dearis Doll’s runway look. Pangina Heals gave a long speech in English praising the contestants. “You guys were fucking awesome today,” she said. And in Thai, she said, “some of you didn’t understand that, right? How fabulous.”

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Dearis Doll and JAJA won the main challenge. B Ella and Petchra were declared safe. Annéee fell in the bottom three. And Natalia and Amadiva end up in the bottom two and had to lip sync for their life. In the end, Art Arya declared both safe. No one got eliminated.

Based on the performance of the remaining contestants in the last four episodes, the overall ranking are as follows, from highest to lowest. So far, Année Maywong has been the front-runner since the first episode, only hitting low for the first time in the fourth episode. Will she be able to maintain the lead?



Drag Race Thailand returns next Thursday 8pm on LINE TV.


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