RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Insider


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 is just two days away! The show has some production changes, like the new Werk Room design, show length extended to ninety minutes, and the return of the after show, “Untucked”, to broadcast – making Drag Race a two hour weekly experience. The article from spills a lot of great insider tidbits, like casting process, and other behind the scenes stuff.

“Looking through the one-way mirror a lot of the changes to the set that are now already known to the public were surprising.  The walls are a brighter pink (although not as intense in person as on screen) and there are new images of the show’s inspiration, RuPaul, everywhere.  Oh, and it took a moment to find, but the marquee of RuPaul that each losing contestant takes home with them has been updated.  Instead of looking like a “lifelike” version of the Drag Race logo its completely silver and expresses more of an award-winning feel.  This specific viewpoint is often used by the show’s producers and camera people (especially when the queens are doing their makeup) and was highlighted for dramatic effect during one of the show’s best seasons, “All Stars 2.”  There’s something of a Peeping Tom feel to it, but if there were chairs you could sit there for hours and be completely transfixed.”-Gregory Ellwood/


Concerning casting …

“How the queens are selected on the show has always been a curiosity to fans. RuPaul clearly has the final say, but why does one local hometown queen get passed over while a little known contestant make the cut? Campbell says they all look at hundreds of reels and every producer makes notes on each candidate. Then the debates begin.”-Tom Campbell/RuPaul’s Drag Race – Executive Producer

“We get around the conference table at World of Wonder and we play and fight and argue,” Cambpell says with a smile on his face. b“And we have a board. And it gets tinier and tinier and tinier. And we break and we come back another day. And it sounds corny, but you don’t wanna have queens that feel like they’re filling in the same exact role [as someone the season that just aired]. So, there’s sometimes there’s someone [that we think] ‘Maybe next season for them.’ But the cast comes together.””


Conspiracy theory: Notice that neither Shangela nor Bebe Zahara Benet are in the Drag Race alumni cameo lineup, but Trixie Mattel, who just won All Stars 3, is in the photo … dead center. Coincidence or Riga Morris? We’ll never know. :D


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