“Hurricane Bianca : From Russia With Hate” Teaser Trailer and Behind The Scenes

Here we go! Teaser trailer to the much anticipated sequel to “Hurricane Bianca” … “Hurricane Bianca : From Russia With Hate“!

Shangela will reprise her role and Katya Zamolodchikova will play as Bianca’s love interest! This is going to be fun!

In theaters and on demand May 18.

Behind the scenes on making the movie is hilarious!

“We all know Biana from her hairline, right? We know the raspy voice that just hurls obscenities and just flings racial epithets from dusk till dawn. But we don’t know the softer side of Bianca, which is like a mayonnaise cream filling, that is warm to the touch, but spicy to the taste.” – Katya

“I think that in working with Bianca on these films and also outside of here on different events and club tours and all that, that we’ve just been able to build a really cool friendship.  Now she’s still hateful, please know that, okay?” – Shangela


Source: NewNowNext


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