SPOILER Drag Race Thailand Final Four And Winner Prediction


Drag Race Thailand debut season is not mincing on major plot twists. Where RuPaul’s Drag Race took several years to develop, the Thailand version unloads major twist after major twist like a dam breach. There’s no pacing of outcomes either from any of the official social media channels, including casts. It’s quite normal to learn who got eliminated first even before any details of an episode. It takes a little bit of getting used to, since we’re all accustomed to highly controlled press releases in the States. Coupled with culture shock, there’s no time to reset your jaw once it hits the floor in episode one. All this ain’t good nor bad, it’s just different.



Which brings us to the latest episode. Details are still trickling in for the sixth episode but what we know is that JAJA and Amadiva got eliminated – the two English fluent-speaking queens. Now we’re down to four.


Dearis Doll won the main challenge. While Natalia Pliacam and B Ella were safe. JAJA has been struggling with design challenges in the past few weeks. While Amadiva‘s attention to detail isn’t polished enough when pitted with the other seasoned queens. JAJA and Amadiva both got eliminated.


Top 6 (L-R): Dearis Doll, Amadiva, JAJA, Année Maywong, Natalia Pliacam and B Ella.

Top Three

In March 7, after Bunny Be Fly’s elimination, we released our top three prediction. Our analysis was straight forward based what we’ve learned after watching RuPaul’s Drag Race in so many years. Two things applied to Drag Race Thailand – polish queens and funny troublemakers. The front runners became obvious after the second episode, after we saw what they were capable of and in part from the cast background we gather from our interviews with some of the cast.

Dearis Doll is one of our choice, her drag is good but not great compared to the seasoned queens. She’s in the top three simply because she’s a troublemaker, a witty firecracker. Natalia Pliacam is seasoned and polished queen. She disciplined, meticulous and refined in her craft, and it shows in her delivery and performance. Année Maywong, the magnificent dancer, is our apparent winner, that is, if she can sustain her drive and win the final challenges. She’s also a seasoned queen, and it shows in her craft and abilities. Her Achilles’ heels is her perfection, her difficulty in morphing into a totally different character because Drag Race demands variety – this is not an issue outside the competition, and will prove to be a great asset in the real world.



Based on the outcome this week, our top four ranking are as follows; Année is in a comfortable lead, but she needs to win challenges to cement her position. Natalia Pliacam and Dearis Doll are neck and neck at second place. While B Ella is trailing at fourth place. At this point, it’s still anybody’s game. Avoiding the bottom two position has never been more critical, one slip and you’re gone.



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