Tyra Sanchez : Age Of Aquarius – The Zodiac Collection

Tyra Sanchez, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Two, just completed her new project, “Tyra Sanchez : Age Of Aquarius“. It’s a collection of beautiful original artwork based on the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac. Each zodiac sign is modeled in her likeness in various moods, forms and theme. The art pieces use deep colors, high contrast and drawn a tad roughly giving it a very organic antique feel as if it was hand painted by artists in late antiquity. Superimposed over a backdrop of planets, stars and the galaxy … the end result is an image that draws your attention while evoking an emotion indicative of the zodiac sign … through her eyes. It’s amazing!


In a video she posted on Instagram (Instagram Story) yesterday, she mentioned each art work takes about a week to complete. It’s a collaborative worth between her and an artist named Amanda; she would sketch a concept of the art piece and include very detailed description as to how she wants it to look like. They would brainstorm ideas, and at times the artist would pitch suggestions but ultimately the whole idea is hers.

She first released the first art piece in January 8, starting with Pisces.


Aside from her new art collection, she’s also been busy working on her new music album, for two years now, which she’s planning to release next year.

Fans can own a piece of the collection either in RTW (tops, tanks, sleeves and hoods), prints, or Apple watch face. Check it out!


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