How to obtain and remove your Google and Facebook Data?

If you’re curious as to what data Google and Facebook are keeping about you and for how long, follow these steps:


  1. How to get a copy of all your data collected by Google?
    1. Open a browser and navigate to
    2. Sign-in with the email account you want to download data from.
    3. Go to
    4. Select all the data you want to download (use default selection – all).
    5. Click Next.
    6. In the “Customize archive format” screen, use default setting and click Create Archive.
    7. Wait for the e-mail notification that says, “Your Google data archive is ready.” The time it will take to finish will depend on the apps you use and frequency of use. It can go anywhere from one hour to one day. It’s better to request for data overnight.
    8. Once you receive Google’s e-mail, click the Download archive button in the email body.
    9. Finish.
  2. How to delete you Google Search history, Ads, among other things?
    1. Navigate to Google My Activity.
    2. Sign-in using the e-mail account you want to manage.
    3. Locate the three vertical dots found on the upper-right corner of the page, right before Google Apps grid.
    4. Click the vertical ellipsis and select “Delete activity by” in the drop-down menu.
    5. Under “Delete activity by” screen, under the “Delete by date” drop-down, select “All time.”
    6. In the “All products” drop-down, select one product you want to clear, example: Ads, Google Analytics, Maps, Search, Shopping, Image Search.
    7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for each product.
    8. Finish.


  1. How to get a copy of your data?
    1. Login to your Facebook account.
    2. Navigate to Facebook Settings.
    3. Under General, locate on the right pane (General Accounts Settings) the following Download a copy of your Facebook data.
    4. Click “Start My Archive.”
    5. Provide your password when prompted.
    6. Wait for your e-mail that is linked to this account for the download notification.
    7. Follow e-mail instructions.
    8. Finish.
  2. How to delete Facebook Search History?
    1. Login to your Facebook account from a desktop browser.
    2. Locate the inverted drop-down triangle on the upper-right corner of the page.
    3. From the menu options, locate and click “Activity Log.”
    4. On left sidebar, locate “Apps”, click the “More” option right above it.
    5. Click “Search History.”
    6. On the top of the page, locate and click “Clear Searches.”
    7. Click “Search Searches” to confirm.
    8. Finish.


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