Drag Race Thailand Enters Final Lap With Last Three Queens Standing!

Drag Race Thailand eliminated queens (Amadiva, JAJA, Petchra, Morrigan, Bunny Be Fly and Meannie Minaj) return to join the top four an acting challenge.

Hosts Art Arya and Pangina Heals were joined by celebrity guest judges Chermarn Boonyasak, Utt Panichkul and Poomipan Aiumporames.


B Ella, who trailed in last week’s performance ranking, fell in the bottom two with Dearis Doll, who tied the second spot last week with Natalia Pliacam. This episode saw the departure of B Ella and


As predicted, the top three finalists are Année Maywong, Natalia Pliacam and Dearis Doll.

The top three finalists will compete one more time in the final round on April 5. Condragulation to the top three! And break a lash!


Are you #TeamDearis, #TeamNatalia or #TeamAnnee?

Performance Ranking

Our last performance ranking for this season shows Année Maywong having a comforable lead against the other finalists at 79%. Natalia Pliacam and Dearis Doll are still too close to call for first runner-up with only 6% difference. One thing we can be sure of this season, Dearis Doll is this season’s breakout star. As for Miss Congeniality, our best bet is B Ella.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s already a sure shot for Mayong to snatch the crown. In a perfect world, Drag Race Thailand’s first winner is apparent by the numbers. The show’s ending, regardless on who will win, is also important. We will know for sure if Thailand aligns itself with reality TV competition in the West, where it’s more about twists and shock factor, or is it really a real competition that just happens to be on film. It’s neither a good nor bad thing, but it will be good to know. Each of the top three finalists have their own strengths and weaknesses. The outcome will all depend on the last set of challenges and if it sways to their favor without falling apart.

Good luck ladies!



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