Spencer Day “Angel City”, The Happy Place We All Want To Be

Vancouver, BC –  Spencer Day’s “Angel City“, the title track of the Utahan crooner’s sixth studio album, makes me believe in music again. The vocals and melody of this smooth jazz song’s is so effortlessly good it gives me goosebumps. It has that superb sleek classic tone to it, like 60’s James Bond meets “Roman Holiday” (1953) meets “Dick Tracy” (1990). It takes me back to a time when I was very little –  curling on the sofa at dawn, listening to old folks’ chatter with classic music playing in the background; a moment of peace and contentment.


Sidebar: Spencer Day didn’t came into my radar until yesterday. Five days ago, I was listening to smooth jazz – which I’m a huge fan of, especially the instrumentals only – over online radio when I noticed a song playing had vocals. I usually switch channels when that happens, because lyrics throws me off when I’m thinking. But there was something about the way the song sounds, its’ lyrics and the singer’s vocals that is so smooth, cool that it really resonated with me. I found myself staring at nothing, calm and in awe. I realize the song had ended but forgot to note down its’ info. I only caught the title, “Angel City.” I Googled it. Unfortunately, the title is so common. My search came up with songs by Motörhead, Marseilles, and from a band named Angel City. Not about to give up, I searched elsewhere, and found “Angel City” by Ray Charles. Bingo! Bingo? The song sounds similar, but there were no vocals. It wasn’t it. Then yesterday, they played it again. And this time I took down notes! It didn’t took too long for me to find the song. Though, it took a little bit of effort because as it turns out the song is new, and the artist isn’t huge, like Frank Sinatra or a veteran musician. He’s young?! I was expecting someone like… Ray Charles. He’s a forty year-old crooner from Utah with six studio albums released since 2004. Anyway, I was stoked to find the song. I sampled his album, “Angel City” on iTunes, and I was impressed, I bought it immediately!

I’ve just discovered Day yesterday, but already “Angel City” is making a huge fan out of me. His songs are down-to-earth, candid and cleverly written. His vocals are so effortlessly smooth, sweet and genuine. Even though the album “Angel City” presents itself with a Los Angeles and Hollywood backdrop, the tracks gives me strong urban and country feel. Like the song “72 and Sunny“, one of my favorite track, I imagine driving through a quiet road in the countryside or running barefoot in the meadow and tall grass at sunrise. Another favorite track of mine, “Somewhere There’s a City“, takes me back to my late teens and early adulthood… when my independence and journey just begun, so eager to pursue and chase my dreams. The album is such a breath of fresh air. It makes me believe in music again… because frankly, I’m tired of the direction mainstream music has been going for decades; mostly about bragging, sex, ego, drugs, excess materialism, drama, whining and nonsense (“I’m better than you because I’m a dirty, bad bitch!”)… I’m tired of it.

The best $9.99 I’ve spent this year, yet!

SPENCERDAY-AngelCity-CDSpencer Day “Angel City”
1. Overture (0:31)
2. Angel City (3:54)
3. Lost in LA (4:06)
4. Come and Save Me (2:48)
5. I Got Love (Gold Digger) (4:00)
6. The California Yes (3:12)
7. 72 And Sunny Interlude (0:46)
8. 72 And Sunny (3:52) … lyrics
9. Riding on a Broken Dream (3:05)
10. Ghost of the Chateau Marmont (3:07)
11. Who Do You Know (2:52)
12. I Wish I Didn’t Care (3:32)
13. Training Wheel (5:10)
14. Somewhere There’s a City (4:17)

Released: June 1, 2018 iTunes $9.99Amazon.com $8.99

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