Social Media Bot Wars Is Here!


“As expected, Twitter’s elimination of “locked” users accounts from public follower counts has resulted in a decline for many users — including the biggest celebs on the platform, like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.
The biggest loser seems to have been Twitter’s own primary account (@Twitter), which shed 7.5 million fake accounts to drop 12% Thursday, from 62.85 million earlier in the morning to 55.35 million as of 2:45 p.m. ET.” — TODD SPANGLER/Variety

If you’ve been buying followers in the past, if you haven’t realized it was a bad investment then perhaps today you will. Twitter is stepping up its’ efforts in purging fake accounts, at a rate of one million per day – not a fast enough rate but it’s a good start. If you notice a sudden steep drop in your followers, this will explain it.

Fake followers is bad for your image and your brand. It’s a sign of desperation, unscrupulous tactics, dishonesty, and it generates inaccurate metrics that doesn’t translate to anything worthwhile as far as sales goes. What’s more, if you have a huge fake user following, others will begin to think your account is itself fake.

The best way to grow your followers is the old school way, organically. Network and expand your followers by engagement and … socializing virtually… it’s social media after all.

If you’re curious about how many fake followers you have, check out Twitter Audit (we didn’t get paid for this plug) and get a glimpse on your follower demographics.

Hopefully, other social media platforms will follow suit, like Instagram.


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