“American Horror Story: Apocalypse” May Be The Season Worth Watching Again

American Horror Story : Apocalypse“, the eight season of the long running FX anthology series, may be the season worth watching again. The series started to “lost its way” with “Coven.” It spiraled down with “Freak Show.” And ultimately landed on its face with “Hotel“. It’s perfectly fine for any series to leverage big names from other fields in the entertainment business to boost its viewership and ratings, but to heavily bank on it for an entire series, it’s a bit much … too much. #toomuch. It makes the season look like an overly glorified music video. Skipped watching for three seasons and here we are.

Alexis Martin Woodall, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Adina Porter, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman

There are several things cool about the eight season. First, apocalypse stories. Now, who doesn’t like dystopian stories? There’s something satisfying watching films and shows about humans struggling to survive, albeit, in a desolate, less populated planet… “I Am Legend”, “The Walking Dead”, “Planet Of The Apes” (the original), “Oblivion”, “Resident Evil”, etc. No social media, no comment wars, no tabloid trash… no daily bombardment of stressful news; it’s quite satisfying. Of course, I imagine, one would be preoccupied to find basic necessities, including food and water, and the occasional fighting with other survivors who may want to eat you – it happens – and the lack of law and order, sure. But besides that,… think about it. Yes, it may indeed sound horrible to live in, but dystopian stories are a great reminder for us to look after ourselves and what we’ve got a little bit better than we already do.

Second, Jessica Lange will rejoin the series for season eight. And third, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are going to be directing in this season. It’s so amazing to see actors cross over to other roles, like the Director’s chair. Remember Jonathan Frakes who got his first break as Director with “Star Trek : The Next Generation“? Or Roxann Dawson and Robert Duncan McNeill with “Star Trek: Voyager“? It’s amazing to see them flourish in their new field. Of course, AHS may still screw this up, don’t get me wrong. But who knows? With all these great developments, the show may be worth watching again … just like “The Walking Dead” who finally decided to kill off Rick Grimes – I don’t dislike the actor, just the character – in the upcoming season. He should’ve been turned into a walker in season two. I stopped watching it after the club bashing episode. It was the last straw… but that’s for another story.


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