EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the hilarious JAJA of Drag Race Thailand, Imported … From The Philippines!


We’re so delighted to bring to you the only Queen contestant of Drag Race Thailand Season, JAJA! Or as show host endearingly puts it, “Jaja Binks,” the “alien Queen.” It’s such great tip of the hat from Drag Race Thailand to the humble beginnings of RuPaul’s Drag Race to cast a Queen from the Philippines – remember the memorable Ongina on the first season?


(Drag Race Thailand Finale – reunion (L-R, Back row clockwise): Jaja, Petchra, Morrigan, Bunny Be Fly, Meannie Minaj, Pangina Heals, Art Arya, Année Maywong, Natalia Pliacam, Dearis Doll, B Ella, Amadiva)

JAJA, whose real name is Angeles R-Jay Carubio, may not have won the crown — she shares the 5th and 6th place with fellow contestant, Amadiva, after a double elimination — but she sure did made a great impression. She impersonated Nicki Minaj in the Snatch Game. Which could’ve been quite a debacle had Meannie Minaj not gotten the chop prior.


She and Amadiva are the only contestants who speak fluent English. Which explains a few things, their bonding and some apparent animosity (on television) directed at her by the other contestants. She’s being accused by some contestants as tardy and loud. Ultimately, the language barrier can be attributed to her landing in the bottom two and getting eliminated on the sixth episode — doing a Thai commercial parody selling phones to a local demographic. Nevertheless, it didn’t detract her from making the most out of her stint and leaving the fans some very memorable moments … there are quite a few… okay, there are a lot.

We caught up with the thirty-four year-old after her stint on Drag Race Thailand to talk about her time on the show, her experience, and more. So without further ado, move over bitches, because JAJA is in the building!


UhmazingPress: Hi JAJA, congdragulations for making it to the Top 6! You’ve made a great impression on the show. I’m sure Filipinos all over the world are proud of you.

JAJA: “Omg, thank you! Khob khun kha!!! ;)”

UhmazingDrag: You’re welcome. How did you get your drag name?

JAJA: “My real name is “r-JAy” so “JA JA.” A friend from the Philippines said it to me, MIKE GAW is his name! Thx!”

UhmazingDrag: Thank you Mike Gaw! Good call. How would you describe your drag style?

JAJA: “My drag style is funny, comical, and out of the box.”

UhmazingPress: Indeed, you’re a natural. And you are very good at turning ordinary recycled materials into amazing drag looks. So now that the show is over, how do you feel right now, you must be excited and also relieved?

JAJA: “I feel very blessed. I feel so loved by so many people from all over the world, specially Thai People!!! Khon khun krub!”

UhmazingPress: Was “Drag Race Thailand” everything you expected it to be?

JAJA:  “Actually, it has exceeded of what I was expecting. I thought I will be going home in the third episode because of the language [barrier], but it became my strength. And I learned so many words! ;)”


UhmazingPress:  We were wondering ourselves how it’s going to work, unless you knew the Thai language very well. But it all work out nicely. And Art Arya and Pangina Heals did an amazing hosting job, and as interpreters! What was your most favorite Mini-, Maxi-, or Runway-challenge?

JAJA: “My favorite Mini-challenge is the first Bioré pool challenge with the pitcrew, waaaaaah!!! Maxi-challenge would be THAI SOAP ACTING. And Runway-Challenge is the NONG TOOM THAI MOVIE!!!”

UhmazingPress: What would you do differently if you were given the opportunity do it all over again?

JAJA: “Differently? I would learn the Thai language more.”


UhmazingPress:  Have you become close to any of your fellow cast members?

JAJA: “I became close to Amadiva, Petchara, B Ella, Bunny BeFly, Année, Meannie, and Morrigan.”


UhmazingPress: Who is your favorite Guest Judge? 

JAJA: “My fave Guest Judge is Jai Sira, she is a Queen and so nice. Love u Mama!”

UhmazingPress:  What is your most memorable moment on the show?

JAJA: “Memorable would be seeing the staff everyday and all the Queens in the morning ;)”

UhmazingPress: On a personal level, what important lesson or lessons have you learned from competing in Drag Race Thailand?

JAJA: “To be more attentive, learn to use map, and not be late lol.”


(Photo by Mookkhom)

UhmazingPress: Those are very good lessons to learn indeed. Good for you! So what is next for JAJA?

JAJA: “Next is to study again the Thai language. And just perform as always, as it is always my passion???? “All Stars” ahaha.”


UhmazingPress: Wonderful! That’s it! Thank you for spending this time with us. Best of luck on your future endeavors. And we hope to see you perform live in the future, maybe in Los Angeles… at Mickey’s? Until next time, thank you … khorb khun mark… Salamat pô!


Follow JAJA on social media: @KweenJaja (Twitter) and @jaja_thekween (Instagram).

Watch her perform live at:
The Stranger Bar, 114/14, Silom 4, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand; and Maggie Choos, Hotel Bangkok Fenix Silom 320 Si Lom, Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand.

For bookings, contact:
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