Just Dropped Shortlinks

We’ve opened up bb7.ca Shortlinks for “public” use, that is, for use by bluebay700.com subscribers.

What is it? It’s a hyperlink (link or URL) shrinking service, if you will. It will take a long link and create a tiny shortcut, so you can easily share it on social media or elsewhere.

bb7-shortlinksIts been a long road to get here. bb7.ca started out as 0bit.ch when it first launched in March 6, 2017. It was borne out of the need to control private content and displeasure with available services then — either there are a lot of caveats to the service, very limit or takes forever to redirect … like t.co, sometimes it doesn’t redirect at all… or they bounce you to a multitude of other hosts to gather information. We’re all for that, but sometimes it’s too much data mining from unsuspecting people.

All I wanted is to create a shorter link to share, but I’m not willing to hand over my soul for it.

TinyURL was great while it lasted. So out of the disappointments, a new private service was built from the ground up. It took four days. At first bit.ch was the preferred domain, just because I was really pissed … and it was hilarious. It’s taken, so the next choice was 0bit.ch. But then, I soon realized it’s not a universally acceptable word. And the renewal for the .ch domain was steep, for what it was intended for. So it was abandoned after a year, and bb7.ca was born.  A little close to home and it’s actually home, because it’s in the Canadian domain.

However, the interface was still very crude and barebones. It was functional but there was no reporting, no basic metrics, … nothing. The need was simply to shrink, share and redirect, everything else was optional.

Until, the shortcuts were getting good hits that reporting was necessary. One thing led to anther, it was decided to build the reporting functionality. But like what usually happens with all simple tasks, they grow and become complicated.

Like you just want a new kitchen sink, but then you end up redoing the whole house.

That’s exactly what happened here.


The telephone, lol. Not trying to confuse anyone, but this is the gist … and it’s really all about the telephone.

Talking on the rotary phone: “Why haven’t I received any text from you?!”

For ten days … the everything was rebuilt. No partying, no drinking, nothing… just work. Integrating it to bluebay700.com for practical reasons and a unified experience was a must, and so it shall be.

It’s a simple solution that works… for mobile and desktop. We’re not Google, but it does the job and it’s straightforward. Best of all, it’s not data mining the hell out of people!

So … now it’s here! Tap that link!


Shrink – Share – Stats – Straightforward! Shortlinks!


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