#lifeLesson Teaching A Five Year Old

It’s Personal

When I was about five years old, maybe four, my mom picked me up from kindergarten school. As we walked on the covered sidewalk along the school, I felt tired (or just wanted more attention, or both) and wanted her to carry me, but she said, “No.” So started to cry… in public. She ignored me and kept walking. So I throw a fit and sat on the street. I didn’t kick, I just wanted her to come fetch me. She turned around, with a stern look on her face, and said, “If you don’t walk over here, I’ll leave you there.” I stopped crying, stood up, dust off my behind, and walked towards her. Strategy was a fail.

Lesson:¬†Try something more drastic, like kidnapping or break a valuable figurine. Or… we don’t always get what we want in life, so count your loses and move on.


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