#lifeNotes: Personal Hot Buttons

RE: “Personal Hot Buttons”

Unless it raises your taxes, negatively impacts your rights and freedoms, kills you, negatively affects your livelihood… ignore comments from strangers (or dates) that you don’t like.

You can’t expect everyone to think like you. The world is made up of different cultures!

Choices: Mute. Block. Logoff.

It’s becoming a trend where some people online, including the influencial, use social media to chastise individuals for something that was said that they didn’t like. It’s becoming so bold that they post screenshots of it, pinpointing the target blatantly for all their followers to see… and attack. Whether the comment was made in private or in public, is besides the point. The fact is, reprimanding anyone online for something you don’t personally like, that is not even heinous and often trivial, is a form of bullying. You’re inciting a mob against an individual for their opinion. And that’s not right. We all deserve freedom of speech, mob attacks? … definitely not.

How are you going to develop those much needed life calluses for adult life if you only want to hear filtered messages?

Social media has brought us together, and that’s great. But we all need to recognize that we all come from different cultures, backgrounds and upbringing. And that means we need to be more open-minded and tolerant.

Why go preaching about love and acceptance when on the side you’re a mob leader? There’s a word for that, “hypocrisy.”

So your feelings got hurt… but did you die?


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