Drag Race Thailand Season 2 Casting Call

Drag Race Thailand Season 2 casting call is officially open, and this time, they’re casting a very wide net!


  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • Any gender is welcome; straight, gay or in-between are welcome to audition.
  • Must be in good health (they specify “body”, may imply being fit).
  • All nationalities are welcome.
  • Create a five-minute video clip with the following content:
    • A bare face introduction; state your name, nationality, ethnicity and day job (and night job).
    • Show your make-up, hairstyle, and dressmaking skills.
    • Show all your talents.

Send the video to this e-mail address: dragracethailand@katana.co.th. Application deadline, September 30, 2018.

Commentary: It seems to me that the show should be renamed to “So You’ve Got Talent.” It’s quite a dilemma. For one thing, yes, people these days say, “drag is for everyone.” But that’s coming from people who are so super nice and all-loving that they are willing to share everything they have with everyone. And that’s a great thing. Less than five or even seven years ago, drag was very niche. More than just entertainment, it served as a political statement for the LGBT community to reject the narrative and stereotypes that are being forced upon the community. Drag was a means to drive causes and issues that beset the community, since… forever. When Drag Race Thailand Season 1 aired, Reuters did a story about the show’s impact on Thailand society, like furthering LGBT acceptance. Now, thanks to Drag Race going mainstream, and all the screaming straight girls running for their Queens (bringing their love, admiration, cash and issues), there can be two possible outcome: drag will further acceptance of the LGBT community or the LGBT community will lose it as a means to make a statement for the community and all the issues and causes that it needs to tackle. So when the art of drag is opened to the mass public, which is very much straight, how will the community position itself to be heard? “When a river meets the ocean, it disappears.” I made that up, but that’s a good analogy. Another thing, okay, so everyone does drag. I echo the same opinion as RuPaul, what gets me excited and really blown away by the show is the transformation from a man into a different persona, like a glamorous woman. So, if a straight man does drag, that is still exciting; but when, say, a woman does drag, where’s the thrill? They’re not tucking anything. They already have the feminine qualities, so are they going to transform into Drag Kings? The Search for Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar had drag kings competing for the title. And in the past couple of cycles a drag king almost won, he should’ve. But none of the competitors were straight, it’s an LGBT event. With Drag Race Thailand opening itself up to all genders, including straight, it will cease to become an LGBT show. How far will the community champions and torchbearers going to go for the sake of commerce and enterprise? Anyway, their show, their rules. I wait with much anticipation, albeit, with some reservations, what the outcome will be. And I hope it will be fabulous.


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