14 Million Facebook Accounts, Stolen, Again

How many times must your personal data be stolen before you say, “enough!” Facebook continues to nag users for personal information and constant update of existing data – even claiming your account has suspicious activity, if only to force you to hand over your phone number so they can “verify” you — yet they don’t seem to be making any inroads with data security. Since the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, they terminated platform inter-connectivity – so if your tweets no longer propagates to your Facebook, this is why, it’s the perfect cover-up to take a shot at competitors – all in the guise of security. But have they really made any improvement themselves, internally? Apparently, not.

So if you’re still using Facebook, anonymize your profile. Your real friends will know who you are. Don’t wait for identity theft to hit you before learning your lesson. And the secret questions you used on your bank account? You may want to rethink that, because chances are, if you were not careful with what you shared on Facebook, the answers are all there.

“Facebook has confirmed that millions of users did in fact have personal data accessed during a serious security breach disclosed late last month.

Initially, the social media giant estimated that 50 million accounts were affected by the hack but said it was not clear whether any information had been stolen.

Facebook has revised the total number of affected users down to around 30 million. But it has also confirmed that hackers accessed personal details in most of those cases — including, for about half of those users, recent searches and locations.”— Camila Domonoske/NPR.org


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