Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Files Strike Notice

Vancouver (Canada Post) — The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has decided to give Canada Post strike notices, which mean they could commence strike action as early as midnight on Monday, October 22, 2018.

Canada Post has made significant offers to CUPW which include increased wages, job security, and improved benefits and has not asked for any concessions in return.

We value the relationship with the union and have been able to find common ground on some issues and have also committed to work together constructively on several important files. Those include working together to address employees workload concerns caused by parcel growth, additional financial services and going beyond pay equity for Rural and Suburban employees by extending job security and moving to one uniform.

Canada Post will remain open for business, continuing to operate if the union decides to conduct rotating strikes across the country next week. We will notify customers of any disruptions planned by the union as soon as we are aware, however customers may experience some minor delays.

We know Canadians are depending on us to deliver more than ever and understand their concern. We are working hard to get a quick resolution.

Source: Canada Post

Commentary: Parcel and mail delivery is here to stay, because not everything can be digitized, that’s a fact. Sure, bills can now be sent electronically, and cheques can be forwarded digitally, but there are things that, as of this year, require physical delivery. For example, notarized and other legal documents (like passports, Wills, Deeds and titles) needs to be in print; physical products can’t be beamed to your home from Amazon like in Star Trek, among other things. Surely, courier services like Canada Post will require restructuring, and re-invention, in order for it to adapt to the on-going change brought about by automation and digitization. However, being a Crown Corporation, it will be a very slow process. Even if we discount it being a government-controlled company, it’s dumbfounding to see a monopoly having a hard time. Even when it’s doing plenty of business on the side, like for instance, the unsolicited junk mail they continue to stuff in our mailboxes – yet the province wants to become the Greenest in the country (or world). Is it the union, are they to blame? Having worked for the government, I say, partly, yes. It’s the nature of the beast, and it’s just slow. Maybe privatize it and be done with it. It’s time to have better service, anyway.


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