Recreational Marijuana Is Legal In Canada Starting October 17

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada starting October 17. However, there are certain rules one must know before partaking, be it user, producer or retailer.

For instance, in British Columbia:

  • If you’re under 19 years-old, you cannot enter a cannabis store.
  • You can only legally purchase marijuana at provincially licensed store.
  • If you’re driving or are in a vehicle, make sure your stash is sealed and inaccessible.
  • And if you’re planning on cultivating your own home grown cannabis, make sure it’s allowed by your strata or landlord.

They thought this through very thoroughly.

[ Update 2017-10-18 ]
According to “AM 730 Traffic” news update, the government’s supply of marijuana was sold out within 24-hours after first opening shop, even with the pricier tag compared to “underground pot.”


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