Kennedy Stewart Is Vancouver, BC’s New Mayor

Kennedy Stewart is Vancouver’s new Mayor! Mayor Gregor Robertson didn’t seek re-election. But where does Stewart stand on the issues? When it comes to transportation;

“Stewart has voiced his support for a SkyTrain route all the way to UBC, and will work to secure federal, provincial and UBC funding to extend SkyTrain along the Broadway corridor to the university. Stewart also supports separated bike lanes as a way to encourage more people to cycle while keeping them safe, but has also said that, as infrastructure is expanded, the city needs to be mindful of keeping all modes of transport moving.”—Harrison Mooney/VancouverSun

And that is good enough for me. We’re lucky in Canada, especially in Vancouver, where sensitive issues, like basic human rights, are not something we’re still fighting for, unlike our neighbours down south. It’s something we, as Canadians, should be really thankful for. Issues here like housing, opioid crisis, etc. are real issues but their weight vary depending on the citizen. My biggest peeve with the outgoing Mayor is his very bias and overly extravagant handling of cyclists, and his huge disregard for motorists and limited roadways. He continuously shrinks the streets and hands it to businesses, real estate developers, or re-purpose as lounging areas, meanwhile, traffic is worsening without providing any solutions to alleviate it. All for the sake of striving to become the world’s greenest city, it’s outrageous. Well that’s over now… hopefully. And I’m glad Stewart is also from another party, NDP and not Vision Vancouver (Robertson’s party) – because their vision is utopian and unrealistic.

Looking forward to Stewart’s plans for Vancouver.


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