New Album : RuPaul “Christmas Party”

RuPaul just released his new holiday album, “Christmas Party“. The eleven track album includes eight drag-inspired catchphrase-owning (deservedly so) singles with a mix of ballad, pop and hip-hop. Some tracks can be easy fan-favorites off the bat, such as “Super Queen (Runway Remix)” (which can easily be used as a Drag Race runway soundtrack), “Get to You (For Christmas)” featuring Markaholic, “My Favorite Holiday” a Matt Pop Remix and “Hey Sis (Reprise)“. Another good track is “Christmas Cookies 2.0“, its very familiar, particularly the intro which sounds like that of “It’s A Lovely Day” by the S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. – former band of Michelle Visage.

Christmas Party tracks
1. Get to You (For Christmas) [feat. Markaholic] (3:25)
2. Hello Hello Hello (Interlude) (1:05)
3. Hey Sis, It’s Christmas (feat. Markaholic) (3:11)
4. Christmas Queen (3:20)
5. My Favorite Holiday (Matt Pop Remix) (3:27)
6. Silence (Interlude) (0:30)
7. Super Queen (Runway Remix) (3:51)
8. Hey Sis (Reprise) (2:21)
9. Christmas Cookies 2.0 (2:49)
10. Christmas Party (3:44)
11. Goodbye (Interlude) (0:36)

Now available on iTunes.

Released: Nov 1, 2018
℗ 2018 RuCo Inc.


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