PressASAP: bluebay700’s Hands-Off Content Publishing Is Delivering Results launched nine days ago, PressASAP – a hands-off content publishing workflow service – and it’s delivering results with zero to minimum effort.

Articles published on through the service gain at least 20% increase in hits within the first sixty seconds after publishing. The exclusive service leverage social media platforms in composing and propagating rich preview blurbs (including full articles composed in-house) for publishing.

PressASAP rely on Twitter – the current de facto social media platform for sharing news, information, moments, knowledge and experiences – to collate third-party content and propagate content published on to relevant social media platforms and into cyberspace.

How Does It Work?

Tweets containing news-worthy content are sent to the service via direct message. The service pick up the message and extracts all the necessary elements to categorize and compose a rich blurb (a short article). It then publishes the article on, and then propagates it back to Twitter. The whole process takes a less than 10 seconds per article.

Third-party content pushed through PressASAP are collated from Twitter only. Content that are informative, interesting and useful, often with an LGBT angle, are hand-picked by Tweep @bluebay700, who also relays the tweet to the service through a single direct message. This is the only manual effort, the rest is automated.

Selections cover a variety of topics, such as press releases, articles, podcasts, events, media updates, etc. Only event schedules and merchandise updates with photos are propagated, since these content require posters.

PressASAP frees up writers and contributors time, to focus more on press coverage and writing in-house articles.

Long Road

Streamlining publishing has been in the works since summer of 2016. pushed Share Event and Share Notes to give contributors the ability to immediately publish content with minimum effort through a single form. The tool was deemed complicated. It required additional manual tasks to review, edit and format articles before publication. The tool was discontinued a month later.

However, the project was the catalyst to further the vision. Giving way to the pursuit of multiple related services – tweet scheduler service, automated poster maker, hyperlink shortcuts service, and rich media caching and embedding for content such as video, video, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube and Instagram.

With a stockpile of informative tweets for publishing piling up, and all the necessary components for automation lined up, PressASAP workflow was created in a matter of days.

PressASAP officially went into production on January 7, 2019.

The service is currently not open to the public. However, Tweets about an article, event, show or other topics can be forwarded to @bluebay700 on Twitter for consideration.


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