Publish Your Events, Tour Schedules and Press Releases With Us Hands-Free, PressASAP

press-asap-logoSince our production release of PressASAP, our hands-free publishing service, we’re able to format, schedule and publish content with ease. Through the service, we’re able to dramatically increase readership and reach with minimum to no effort.

Open Invitation

Today, we’re sending out an open invitation to talents and promoters who want to publish a press release, event announcement, tour schedule or product announcement, etc. but don’t have the infrastructure or time to do so, to publish with us through PressASAP.

The Catch

You need a Twitter account.

How Does It Work?

For short announcements, like event schedules – which will likely include some text, a poster and link to a ticketing agent – all you need to do is post that in your Twitter timeline, then forward the tweet to @UhmazingPress, and we’ll do the rest.

Your tweet is our record of truth, or receipt, if you will. The resulting article will link back to your tweet, and you’ll be credited as the source – which includes a link to your Twitter profile.

Your new announcement will be published on the site and republished daily back to @UhmazingPress Twitter for one week or up to the day of the event.

For longer announcements, you can send your write-up to us through normal channels; e-mail to


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