Opinion: All Stars 4 Has Been A Huge Waste Of Time #Allstars4 #DragRace #RuPaul #RupaulsDragRace

RuPaul say in his podcast “What's The Tee?” to “strike while the iron is hot.” That's a good adage to live by. There's also a good saying that goes, “to each his own.” Although I somewhat agree with the breather, my thoughts of All Stars has more to do with the elimination process. There has got to be a way to make the elimination more fair and objective while still make the show fun to watch. Maybe keep everything else but bring the immunity back? There's just one too many robbery — Shangela and Manila Luzon. It doesn't seem right to have a “lackluster” contestant win the title through blindside.

As far as the back-to-back shows and events go, yes, it's almost like drowning in Drag Race. With the regular series, All Stars and two DragCons happening each year, it's easy to feel burnt out. Overexposure is a real thing and no one is immune to it, no one. But also, there was a time when fans waited for so long for All Stars 2. Some even thought it wasn't going to happen again. As well, let's face it, the Queen Mother is not getting any younger. Although the DragRace franchise has proven to be bankable and interesting to watch without RuPaul – case in point, ”Drag Race Thailand” and ”The Switch” – it's really not the same without RuPaul himself on the judges' panel and as a mentor. If RuPaul were 20 years younger, I would definitely agree with spacing out the series, maybe once a year, including only having one DragCon and iterate it between New York and Los Angeles. But that's not our situation. We will be thankful when the time comes when RuPaul retires to have a stack of ”RuPaul's Drag Race” and “All Stars” season to watch on reruns.

If it were a different show, I would clap back and say, “if it's too much, change the channel.” But for any fan who's part of the LGBT community, it's almost blasphemous to think about skipping a season. Everything has a beginning and an end. So my advice is, hang in there tiger, and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

— bluebay700

Opinion: All Stars 4 Has Been a Huge Waste of Time dlvr.it/Qy4BfZ #allstars4 #DragRace #RuPaul #RupaulsDragRace.

This has zero to do with who went home on Friday night.

There’s a consistent need and desire to keep this show running in our minds all year round, as not only do we have two different shows now but DragCon and endless RPDR-related events as well. It’s fantastic that this has become a well-oiled machine, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a little bit of time for at least one part of that machine to work effectively before it burns the fuck out.

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