Manila Luzon (@manilaluzon) Feels Grateful To RuPaul Even After Shocking Elimination


"Best Judy" episode of "RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars" Season 4 was a big shocker to some fans. And not in a good way. It brings back memories of last season's fiasco where Shangela, the season's front runner, was unceremoniously voted out, late in the competition, by eliminated contestants who were out for blood.

This time around, Naomi Smalls, who has been coasting through the competition, snagged her first win. When asked by RuPaul whom she picked to get the chop, she choose Manila Luzon, a strong contender, instead Latrice Royale, who so far isn't doing very well in the competition and who was previously eliminated then brought back. Whether her true motive was to make the competition easier for her or to return a favor – Latrice Royale previously choose her to stay instead of Valentina – is anybody's guess.

What this new format is telling us is that, skills and professionalism doesn't matter. A "weak" competitor can easily get ahead by forging alliances and being sneaky. It does somewhat tarnish the credibility of the title. Because you'll have winners who aren't really the best, based on track record. That is, up until season 2. And if performance doesn't matter, then the challenges are pointless. And lastly, it’s also telling us that returning Queens from past seasons and past winners aren't expected to win. They're just there to drive the story. If this is the case, it's a shame, because there are lots of really great Drag Race alums who deserve to be cast.

One suggestion might be to incorporate immunity. Or maybe adopt the traditional elimination process. Whatever it may be, something needs to be done to make the competition more fair.

However, in all fairness to Naomi Smalls, Manila Luzon did put friendship over track record when she decided on episode four to keep Latrice Royale over Monét X Change. She didn’t win the lip sync and Monique Heart sent Latrice Royale home. Manila’s logic was indeed foreboding, but perhaps it’s the storyline given to her?

In any case, it's good to know Manila Luzon took the elimination with grace and is such a good sport. But you know, there's nothing she (or any eliminated cast) can do once they’re let go.

As for the fans, well, it's another story. We'll still be talking about this fiasco ten years from now. You best believe it.

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@RuPaul has given me way more valuable than the prize money! She gave me inspiration, friendships, and bunions! ️ so proud to be part of the Drag Movement!
@MicJRez & I will see you at @RuPaulsDragCon

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