B.C. Brewery Urges Women To Apply For CEO Role, Appeals For More Diversity In Beer Industry, #Sexism?

“As long as the most qualified candidate gets hired. And not get hired due to their gender. Because that would be the definition of sexism. No?” — Ben Robinson

Agreed. Diversity is a wonderful thing. It advances society. But when we start to give preferential treatment to anyone because of their race, gender, faith, unique attributes or demographic instead of focusing on their qualifications – like expertise or skills – then we're being bias.

Equality should be gender-blind, race-blind or faith-blind, otherwise we'll be guilty of discrimination. It's no different from businesses who hire minorities for PR-reasons instead of their qualifications, or production companies who intentionally re-invent characters to be gay (or any other marginalized group) to appear progressive and attract more viewers, or individuals who capitalize on their gender identity for self-gain. These actions is what we call opportunistic. And it taints the integrity of a cause or movement.

Persephone Brewing, a popular brewery on the Sunshine Coast, recently put out a call for a new CEO. It only drew male applicants.

A popular brewery on the Sunshine Coast is calling for more diversity in the beer industry after its search for a new CEO drew only male applicants.

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