How #Facebook Is Changing (Controlling) Employee Bonuses To Focus On Social Progress, #socialmedia #conformity #HRAbuse


The movie “The Circle” (2017) comes to mind. Controlling your employee's life, one memo at a time. Shouldn't individuals make up their own minds on what social issues to support… or even do it at all? We all have our own priorities. #shirtgirlplease (Delta) #Facebook

“On Tuesday evening, Fortune’s Michal Lev-Ram reported that Facebook employees were about to be “judged on a whole new metric.” Going forward, she said, employees would be evaluated based partly on how well they helped Facebook respond to major social issues.

It now appears as it Facebook is working to identify exactly these sorts of metrics and goal posts — and holding employees accountable to meeting them. The bigger question, at least for now, is exactly how accountable employees will be. And to learn more, we will have to do some math.” —Casey Newton/The Verge

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