A Scathing Testament From An Insider – “I Mentored Mark #Zuckerberg. I Loved #Facebook. But I Can't Stay Silent About What's Happening”, #socialmedia

When a private company persistently manipulates people into divulging more personal information for no important reason, fosters a culture based on a never ending popularity contest, that in itself should raise several red flags.

(TIME) — “I mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I loved Facebook. But I can’t stay silent about what’s happening”.

Mark Zuckerberg's former mentor, Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee, writes about Facebook's downfall.

The people at Facebook live in their own bubble. Zuck has always believed that connecting everyone on earth was a mission so important that it justified any action necessary to accomplish it. Convinced of the nobility of their mission, Zuck and his employees seem to listen to criticism without changing their behavior. They respond to nearly every problem with the same approach that created the problem in the first place: more AI, more code, more short-term fixes. They do not do this because they are bad people. They do this because success has warped their perception of reality. They cannot imagine that the recent problems could be in any way linked to their designs or business decisions. It would never occur to them to listen to critics–How many billion people have the critics connected?–much less to reconsider the way they do business. As a result, when confronted with evidence that disinformation and fake news had spread over Facebook and may have influenced a British referendum or an election in the U.S., Facebook followed a playbook it had run since its founding: deny, delay, deflect, dissemble. Facebook only came clean when forced to, and revealed as little information as possible.

Source: TIME, full story


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