The Most Eye-Opening Thing I Learned On Whole30 Had Nothing To Do With Food, #Wellness #Diet #Junkfood #Sugar #Diabetes #Obesity

(HuffPost) — “My life changed over the course of 30 days (and not just because I stopped eating sugar).”.

The elimination diet did way more for me than just reboot my eating habits.

I love drinking. I love the way red wine tastes. I love a dollar oyster happy hour. I love a well-made old-fashioned I can’t afford. I love a dirty martini at a wedding. I love pairing wine with cheese. I love pairing wine with anything.

There is addiction in my family, and I have always been keenly aware of the potential for a destructive relationship with booze. I have, luckily, not had that experience. But when I started Whole30 last month, I realized that while I don’t have a problem knowing when to stop, there are problems with the way drinking impacts me the next day and how I’ve leaned on it in social situations when I didn’t always need to ― or even always want to.

Source: HuffPost, full story


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