“Why We Can’t Break Up With Big Tech?” Yes You Can, Simply #Unplug

It's actually not difficult to “break up” with big tech. It's all about replacing habits with something more desirable. Also have to keep in mind that the more you incorporate more “trivial” technology in your day-to-day life, the more you're being “spied” on. The more you are exposing yourself to being monitored, manipulated and controlled. You are in effect giving up your privacy. “Smart speakers” has its' uses, like people with vision problems or hand problems, voice interface is handy.

And if you are really about saving the planet, minimize your addiction to buying things you don’t need. Accumulation of unnecessary products hurts the planet. Each product you buy that you don't need means more carbon footprint, more landfill.

To reduce dependency on big Inc. (and enjoy a more stress-free life the old school way) is not that difficult. It's as simple as… unplug.

Washington, D.C. (All Tech Considered) — Why We Can't Break Up With Big Tech.

Gizmodo's Kashmir Hill spent six weeks trying to cut Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple out of her life completely. “Spoiler,” she says. “It's not possible.”

Kashmir Hill wanted Amazon out of her life, completely.

It was the first week of a six-week experiment in living without tech giants. She had a virtual private network, or VPN, that would keep her devices walled off from any Amazon product. She would avoid Whole Foods and power down her Kindles.

But she had a problem. A small, chipper problem.


Source: npralltech, full story


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