#Yosemite Is A Remarkable Place To Visit, Especially In The Winter

I and my then partner made a pit-stop at Yosemite Park while going on a road-trip to Las Vegas, Nevada one winter. Yes, the place is indeed beautiful. But judging from the struggling tourists and jam-packed facilities with people trying to get warm, it wasn’t the most ideal time to visit. Surely, it’s very nice for those who want to experience that extra thrill visiting off-season.

But let’s be real, the place is more spectacular and enjoyable to visit during summer, when you can really enjoy walking around (safely) and only having to deal with sawdust floating around and not the cold, snow and ice.

“Yosemite is a remarkable place to visit, especially in the winter,” writes Your Shot photographer Jeff Berkes, who captured this spectacular image of the park's celebrated 'firefall.' on.natgeo.com/2SUhKBc

Yosemite is a remarkable place to visit, especially in the Winter. From mid-late February, when water is flowing over Horsetail falls and you have clear skies to the west this magical transformation occurs on the eastern face of El Capitan, but only in a 10 day period in mid February. A photographer named Galen Rowell first documented this in the 1970's after a afternoon climb in the park. His work inspired me in the late 90's and I still think of him almost every day.

Source: NatGeo, article


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