Browsing Like It’s 1989

Feeling nostalgic? Did you even exist in 1989? This is how would look like back then. Notice, there are no ads or extra clutter. The look and feel resembles that of a Kindle. It’s not so bad, even without the photos and extra formatting. It does make for some light reading.

What I particularly miss the most is, back in the late 80’s, when memory and storage were such a premium, software designers and engineers designed efficient applications that optimize space, storage and screen real-estate. It was so efficient that the amount of information stored in a small floppy disk was amazing! Nowadays, applications are heavy, memory and storage hogs, and coding is so sloppy.  Even with great amount of computing power, cheap storage and memory, applications are still clunky and riddled with flaws that it needs constant updating. Back in the 90’s, applications are fine until their next major upgrade, which usually takes a year per cycle. Information Technology today may be more advanced and powerful, but when it comes to practice and discipline… it has lost its way. What’s the implication? More expensive.

Curious how your favorite website would look like in 1989? Click here. Follow the video for tips on how to navigate.

I believe the era of sound software engineering is gone, it’s not coming back. Now, back to the future.


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