Charlize Theron Is The Top Nominee To Be The Next #JamesBond #Oscars; A Curious “Yes” For Me

The “James Bond” movies is ingrained in my family’s tradition. Thanks to my father who was a huge fan of the franchise. I grew up watching all of the Bond movies, and continues to patronize the franchise. The thought of casting a female lead for the titular role of “007”, call me sexist, would’ve been unheard of, if not downright absurd. However, Charlize Theron is such a formidable and accomplished actress. Her built, is very Amazonian – sturdy and strong – will make her believable, fits the profile. She has also proven herself in action sequences, like in “Aeon Flux” (even if it bombed), “Hancock”, “Mad Max : Fury Road” and… the breathtaking… “Atomic Blonde”. When I read this tweet with her attached to it, I didn’t even flinched. Yes, I’ll watch this experiment. Besides, Daniel Craig is good and all, but I really didn’t think he fits the part of “007”. His charisma, swag and all… is no Sean Connery or Roger Moore. Not even close. He’s just hot, but that’s it. His profile is best suited as a villain. I was disappointed when they cast him, but I still watched all his Bond movies (and bought the Blu-rays), for the franchise. So yes, let’s try this.

(TIME) — Charlize Theron is the top nominee to be the next James Bond #Oscars.

Charlize Theron is the top nominee to be the next James Bond — at least, according to viewers of the 91st Academy Awards.

Source: TIME, full story


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