#Australia Offers Refreshing #Escapes After Award Season Burnout

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — After award season and all of the plotting, prodding and press junkets are wrapped. After you’ve been nipped, tucked, feasted and feted — you just may need to get away. Like other-side-of-the-planet away and then a little farther. Fly to Melbourne, Australia. Then head off to the remote, rustic, yet luxurious Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Once you get to Australia, a trusted, knowledgeable guide can elevate your experience and maximize every precious hour. Dean Hampel, co-founder and tour guide at Localing Private Tour Company in Melbourne, is that person.

Localing offers luxury, customized and private experiences. What stands out about Hampel is that he’s, well, cool. Talking with him you get a sense of the real Melbourne. Sure, you’ll see the must-see city sites. But Localing can also arrange a behind-the-scenes deeper dive into a Melbourne neighborhood or scene — art, food, sports, nightlife, etc.

Melbourne is also an easy city to get around via public transportation. A myki is a ticket to travel on Melbourne’s trains, trams, and buses. Travel free in Melbourne's central business district (CBD) free tram aone. Here, you’ll also find the free tourist tram-city circle tram 35 with … Alene Dawson/@Variety

Source: Variety, article


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