Meghan Markle Raised Her Voice Against Inequality. Here's Where She Fits Into The Royal Family's Long Politically Neutral History

The Royal Family has a long history of staying politically neutral. Here's where Meghan Markle fits in.

As Meghan Markle make waves as the Duchess of Sussex, experts explain how far she can go when it comes to British royal tradition.

It is still significant when royals get political, however, because of the Queen’s impartial relationship to party politics. “You’ve got to be very careful in terms of how anything reflects on the Queen,” explains CNN royals commentator Victoria Arbiter to TIME. “She’s a politically neutral head of state. And the family is very careful in terms of where they go, because they can’t cause her any embarrassment.”

This need for caution has been in place ever since the United Kingdom became a constitutional monarchy and reduced royal political powers in 1688. The reigning monarch is still technically responsible for a whole list of tasks, from appointing prime ministers to summoning and dissolving Parliament, and still holds the power to declare war and make peace.

Source: TIME, post


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