Everyone’s Day Off : #Facebook and #Instagram Went Dark — Reclaim your time!

Facebook and Instagram experienced a system outage. As a result users aren’t  able to refresh their feeds or submit any new post. Unless your business heavily rely on these social media platforms, this should be taken as an opportunity as a intervention from the invisible hand.

Instagram access results to an error.

Instagram access results to an error.

It’s your forced day off. A time to take a breather and stop peddling yourself online like a tireless spent whore. Take this opportunity to do something productive for yourself, free from the pressures of this “new normal” instigated by these manipulative and exploitative companies, where your self-worth hinges on the number of followers or likes you get for each post. And realize that your value as a human being isn’t determined by a creepy companies who keeps tabs on what you do nor the approval of strangers you have zero ties with.


Facebook access shows error message.

Take this opportunity to reclaim your time!


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