#Privacy: This Could Change #Facebook Forever

Facebook's planned end-to-end encryption and expiring messages aren't positive steps, but rather they're petty reactions and a middle finger directed at government entities. It's nothing more than tools designed to cover up evidence of potentially incriminating conversations. This is not to say that private messages should be made available to the public, because it shouldn't be, but messages that disappears after a period of time smells fishy. Emails can last forever, until you archive or delete it permanently, so should with private messages.

The steps I was expecting Facebook to undertake after the recent scandal was more along the lines of less personal information nagging, non-invasive account verification, user-leaning privacy controls, and significantly less user tracking.

Fact of the matter is, aside from giving users the ability to see and obtain all the data they collected, the company really hasn't done anything at all after the recent user data scandals.

This move is like a baby having a fit, hiding their toy, after being reprimanded for doing a bad thing.

It seems like the only way to protect the public from this user data gathering behemoth is regulation. And it should be done across the board for all social media platforms.

This could change Facebook forever

Source: verge


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