Back To Basics With Reader Registration

onlineprivacy has rolled out a few changes on the site, with a friendly reminder to malicious users. The old adage applies, “If you want to do something right, do it yourself.”

Authentication Screens

Today we discontinued use of social media channels as alternative means for user registration and login.

In light of the privacy concerns highlighted by recent privacy scandals from various platforms (i.e. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica) and data breaches, we’ve come to conclude that keeping access in-house is a much more safer direction than having to rely with big exploitative corporations, whose strict terms are rendered moot by their dubious practices. This move will also reduce our dependency with third-party vendors, minimizing the transfer of user online footprint.

We’ve revamped our registration, password recovery and login pages to use bare essentials with added verification features. New registrations and password recovery requests are now required an additional verification key. Our login screen also fully implements reCAPTCHA for human/robot verification.

Fair Warning

And speaking of robot, has a zero tolerance on DDoS (denial of service) attacks and hacking attempts. Hackers honeypots are a plenty and our blocking AI learns fast and acts fast. Any malicious access attempts on the site will result to a permanent ban … for life. We’ve already blocked the entire Vietnam country from accessing the site as a result. Russia, China and Germany are well on their way to be blocked permanently as well.

We are more than happy to only allow USA, Australia and Canada to patronize our work. So consider this your last and final warning. We don’t keep cash, credit or any personal information of anyone … because our folks are neurotic-inclined with an OCD complex. And if we have, we’re not that stupid to put them online. So behave or say goodbye forever.


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