#Twitter’s New Look and Feel Is Getting Worst! #socialmedia

Twitter’s new look and feel is getting worse! It’s one thing to dumb down a user interface to cater to the dumbest user, it’s another to make it sterile. It’s now literally an eyesore, not to mention functionally-challenged. Some tasks even require more taps (or clicks) to get to. It’s devoid of character and just plain ass boring. Who the fuck designed this interface?


The floating compose tweet button is even LARGER, so it’s blocking more precious screen real estate than in the past. Mind you, these days, people are using mobile devices which have small screens, unlike notebooks or desktop computers, so reading tweets is downright annoying when an object is fixed on top of everything else.


The least they could do is make it go away if you scroll up or down, or let users turn it off completely. Or better yet, add a compose button on the toolbar, there’s a HUGE space available. There’s already a compose box right under Home, so why the redundancy?


Link to the Profile screen is now completely accessible from the side bar, that’s two taps (or clicks), unlike before where you can at least click on your avatar or account name. Why not add a Home button on the toolbar? Home in the new layout is a misnomer, it should be renamed to “Feeds” because it doesn’t take you to your home page, but instead, it takes you to your boring new Twitter feed screen.


As for the Notifications, the only thing needed to be changed here is for Twitter to remember your choice, “All” or “Mentions”. At the moment, it’s fixed to “All”. So to view your “Mentions”, which is the most intuitive thing why anyone would care to look in the first place, doesn’t have to be switched every time you go there. It’s almost like a click-bait, when you thought you’re mentioned but it’s actually activities from people you’re following.


On a positive note, the Messages screen is actually better! It’s no longer the pop-up interface. The new Messages interface uses the full screen. Now this is a keeper.

The Legacy interface still makes more sense, with a few minor needed tweaks.


1. The ability to hide the floating compose tweet button.
2. Remember the Notifications feed preference: All or Mentions.
3. Full screen Messages interface.


Thankfully, this upcoming nightmare is still not permanent. Tweeps are still given the opportunity to give it a test drive and switch back to the more functional current “legacy” version. But for how long?



Give it a try and tell Twitter what you think.


Yet again, this is an example why change is good but not all of them are desirable. Because people can be dumb and make mistakes and hindsight is often 20/20.


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