“Drag Race UK” Just Got Realer… On #SocialMedia; #DragRaceUK

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The upcoming UK version of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” just got realer on social media with a verified account on Instagram and an official, but yet to be verified as of this writing, account on Twitter.

“Drag Race” Brand

Just like the “Drag Race” franchise in Thailand, the show’s UK branding doesn’t include “RuPaul’s,” which opens up the show for all sorts of possibilities, including casting local hosts and continuity. Although “Drag Race UK“, which will air on BBC, will have RuPaul and Michelle Visage as host and mainstay judge respectively, the branding enables the show to consider other potential talents to take the helm. “Drag Race Thailand” (and “The Switch Drag Race” in Chile) has proven that doing so is possible.

Future Of Drag – Speculation

If you’ve listened to RuPaul’s and Michelle Visage’s podcast “What’s The Tee” religiously like we do, you may have picked up clues here and there about the multi-Emmys-winning show’s future and of RuPaul himself. It is possible that time will come when the RuPaul will transition into other endeavors permanently… like films, shows (like “AJ and the Queen” for starters) and even “retirement.” RuPaul talks a lot about acting and writing in the podcast, perhaps it’s just a reflection of his current projects or perhaps it’s a sign of things to come. This are all speculative on our part, of course. And at the moment, RuPaul is hammering the anvil hard and enjoying his moments in the sun, while it is at it’s brightest — or a stronger resurgence after “Supermodel of the World” if you will. As much as RuPaul loves drag, he’s doing the show “for the check“; as he mentioned himself in a number of episodes in the podcast.

With the “Drag Race” franchise expanding without his name attached, it does makes one think about the future of the Mothership. This is not to say RuPaul won’t be involved in any of the franchises, because it’s pretty obvious that he will be attached to all of it in one way or another. After all, it’s his namesake and his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent (and with World of Wonder) that propelled “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to unprecedented success.

Big Village Scenario

One thing’s for sure, with multiple “Drag Race” “incarnations” around the world, the “Drag Race” fan base will become more regional… albeit, split up… partitioned. Because it’s humanly impossible to keep track of all the offshoots. One tends to feel burnt and overwhelmed when taking anything too much. Overexposure is a real thing. Globally, the “Drag Race” franchise will be competing each other for global clout. At the moment, the world is hungry for the alums of the original U.S. show. That will likely change in countries with a “Drag Race” franchise. It will be interesting to see what the bookings will be like for the U.S. alums once the U.K. show airs. The reverse is certainly rosy, judging by the success of Pangina Heals after “Drag Race Thailand” Season 1, where she toured and got bookings in the U.S. The show’s alums like Dearis Doll and Année Maywong haven’t set foot in the U.S. yet, but they got bookings in Europe. The thirst for “Drag Race” is still severe, with only a handful (relatively speaking) of alums to quench it.

It will be interesting to have a “Drag Race World” competition, where winners of each franchise will compete in a “Super Queen” title… akin to the “Miss Universe” pageant competition. Didn’t we just mentioned about being “overwhelmed?”… that’s the end of that storyline. Anyway, … a world-based drag competition would be cool, wouldn’t it? It will sort of bring all the “Drag Race” fans together under one umbrella once more. (Right now, it’s really Bianca Del Rio who is sort of serving as the strongest glue that’s keeping world wide fans cohesive, think about it.) There will still be competition by the offshoot shows for fan attention from each other (we wouldn’t say “cannibalizing” the fans at this point), but at least the whole “Drag Race” ecosystem will be cohesive… let’s hope.

Back to Reality

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