Americans Are Obsessed With Tidying Up. But There's A Downside To Being Organized

“Obsession” on anything is an issue, and possibly a symptom of something more serious. Keeping one's domicile tidy is always a good thing. It makes it easier to find things, reduces potential hazards, and makes one's space more relaxing and enjoyable to dwell. It doesn't have to be a chore. All one has to do is assign a spot for things and make it a habit to replace items after use. This reduces the amount of effort one needs to spend on upkeep.

(TIME) — Americans are obsessed with tidying up. But there's a downside to being organized.

Experts say a desire for neatness could be a response to turmoil—but it can also be helpful. Here's what else tidying says about a person.

“Organizing becomes pathological when it’s interfering with your ability to focus or function, or it’s overly distressing,” expert says.

Source: TIME, full story


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